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I'll tell the truth, I'll promise you

Played by Aso
Calhoun "Tabris" Deoradhán (Cal-hoon Tab-riss Dee-ord-han)
Fur Color
browns, tans, and cream
Sex & Gender
Medium (84)
2 years (2021-08-02)
Grey Wolf

I won't compromise

[Image: 51663714_y61RvwOe6JsboEM.png?1657145160]


Calhoun's pelt carries a distinct brown, almost near orange, with creams following along his body. He has darker 'seraph marks' along his back, looking vaguely like four bird wings...it's said he is an uncanny copy of his mother's cousin.

Like many in his family, Calhoun adorns two bright red eyes. He has grown to be tall in proportions much like the elk he worships, though not much bigger than the average wolf. Additionally, his body is rather toned from his love of hunting. A sizable notch sits in his right ear from a spar with his brother Warwick.

I won't live a lie


Calhoun is a religious man to his core. Like the uncle he was named after, his interest will always be on behalf of the High Elk. This has led him to be rather judgmental when associating with wolves outside the Deoradhán name, and secretive to those who have yet to earn his trust. Outside of Trieweborne, he may go as far as using his father's given alias to protect his home should something go awry.

For those who show interest in his teachings, Calhoun can be quite charming and even teasing to those who get to know him. Though he might not outwardly admit it, he takes great pride in his believed ability to reform wolves who have strayed from the High Elk's light. So long as one is loyal, he will go great lengths to protect and provide.

I hear God's Whisper


Mother: Célnes Déorwine
Father: Vengeance Rache

Littermates: Warwick, Edith, Melrose,
Rohesia, Maral, Vermillion, Aldritch

Father's side
Abaddon*, Almight,
Goliath, Piglet, Tempest, Lilith
Conquest, Death, Famine, Pestilence
Leatherface, Krueger, Vorhees, Firefly

Mother's side
Faust, Weirs, Seaver †, Selwyn

Corliss, Hawkinge, Cynefrid, Knox, Thistle

*Unknown relations


TRIEWEBORNE8/2/23 to present
THE HIGH ELK (Loner) — 3/23/23 to 8/2/23
NIGHTWALKERS3/24/22 to 3/23/23
ELKSHIREBirth to 3/24/22

Calling my name

Recent Location

Calhoun has most recently been in Apostles Gate, Applecrest Grove.

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Fun Facts

Smells of Cedar wood and black cherry

He who shall free them all

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