Played by Minxy
Keres Parthenon
Very Short (25)
Fur Color
cream, copper, tan, brown, red
Sex & Gender
Extra Light
5 years (2018-03-16)
Mixed Heritage Wolf
CURRENTLY: Travelling with Sindre


Romantic partner: None
Children: None
Sindre - yet her soul and her heart call to him on deeper levels[/i]


health 100/100

Lady-like - Nurturing - Kind - Damaged - Loyal - Wishful

C U R R E N T - T H R E A D





[Image: image02.png]


Born as a Highborn to the Nobles, Keres was both lucky and unlucky to be the eldest. This meant that she could gain protection for her siblings by doing as she was told but this was a way that the Nobles ensured her obedience. For her complying, her siblings would not be touched. Not by any paw or expectation past the usual arranged marriage.

There was one rule that was constant: behave or her siblings would take the brunt of her disobedience. The same rule was applied in reverse, the Nobles ensuring the Parthenon siblings not causing a ruckus by using Keres' safety as leverage. They loved her, their parents absent and the only mother they knew was her, their sister, protector and caretaker, Keres.

The Nobles bred the best of the best to ensure that their bloodlines remained strong and connections were continued to be made through the Highborns, their blood pure and to be continued on. First borns of the Nobles were to be the main source of alliances and continuation of bloodlines and that meant Keres. Betrothed from birth to Belial Deichman, Keres was told from the start that she was to sit still and look pretty, that she was a woman to be a trophy wife, a broodmare and to do as she was told. Women of the Pack were given no lessons in how to properly exist, no basic knowledge of protection, defense, healing - nothing. They were taught to be pretty, to compliment, to comfort and to simply be a broodmare. Some got lucky, but most… most had to live with the quiet fate.

Keres had first thought Belial to not be too bad, his appearance had been handsome and soft - but it was when he opened his mouth did she really understand. This would be who she’d have to spend the rest of her life with, and that night - that night Keres cried. She cried and cried, for the world was cruel. Phantom teeth and claws felt upon her body as she wept, and she knew it would only grow worse. He would not the kind of wolf who would let her live an easy life. She wondered, would he attack her for accidental eye contact? She had made sure to make none when they met. He was… he was unknown, yet she knew him.

Silenced, forced into submission and continuously taught what disobedience would give her, Keres learned early to fall into step. Belial was her betrothed, evil and savage, a prince of darkness but too pompous to do his own dirty work. Obsessed with Keres, he longed to be wed. His half brother, a bastard son of his father, born to be a beast from both his sheer size and the fact his blood was half. Destined to be manipulated, brainwashed and forced to be the Nobles pet monster, Ba'al adored his brother and hated him too, for the life he wanted but could not have. Little did anyone know, the beast harboured feelings for Keres.

Abused, manipulated, forced into submission, repeatedly told how little she meant outside of what was between her legs -- Keres' thoughts of love and happiness had long since been squished. It was with a freak storm that drew Keres from the Nobles, savaged by the waters and drawn away, she woke up in a strange valley she would come to learn as Dawn.



Recent Location

Keres has most recently been in Reclaimed Roots, Sundance Grove.

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