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Due on 08-22-2022

Played by Akando
Harper Bacchus
Very Tall (36)
Fur Color
Blacks, browns, grays, and silvers
Sex & Gender
Heavy (126)
4 (21 December, 2019)
Mackenzie Valley


[Image: zAnYQa2.png]

An alluring collage of deep earthy tones, this silver laced beauty is not your average canine. Though not quite extra large by any means, but definitely larger and much more masculine than any female has the right to be. Harper has a burly figure with thick paws, broad shoulders, and a very ossified hip structure, as if perfectly designed to sit on smaller creatures.

Despite her size, however, it is her shimmering amethyst eyes that play as the main attraction to her otherwise dark, brooding facial expression that is usually lacking of any pleasant emotion unless found within the company of select individuals. Her voice is smooth and rich with deep under tones and a thick russian accent.

[Image: Y73Ikvm.png]
click me for full reference & additional artwork
— Above artwork by Foxamp


[Image: sRUxLop.png]
"Once upon time, there be a smol, silber woof, like many a wolf in tundra; adapted to survive in zee vinter. She came of heat and did as nature intended. She find many a lover in tundra and share womb with both. First lover no had pack to care for her and brood, but second did, yes. She settle down, not tell him of first lover for he no ask, so why she tell? That be how we raised. Ask no question, you get no information. Anzeway, Momma give birth to four of us. Two look like first lover - big, ugly, dark like death. Two look like second. Smol, silber; perfect. When time come for second lover-now-husband to meet his brood, momma lie! Momma tell husband that ugly, dark babies were no hers! She say oh i find dem, could not bring self to leave them. But as ugly babes grew, more truths come to light. I guess. Sohows.

Husband no believe, husband dink momma break marriage vows; dink momma been with another. Half truth. He treat ugly babes like disease! Ugly babes, who think him faja! Who not understand what they do wrong; who grew envious of how he treat his silber babes. Who no understand why silber babs get luv, and dark uglies get hate! Dark woof no survive good in tundra. Dark babies, too, they be target to predetours! Valeska and Hatchet were play in the snow, front of den. Hatchet seen by Anger Flap Flap and got gobbled up.

Den, in zee night, big dark man, he come anger at momma. Anger that momma no tell him that she with his child. He could have provided, she not give him chance. Dimas not like dis. He think dark man come fer his wife, come fer his pack. No, dark man just want answers. Just want family like eberyone else, see. Dimas and dark man, name be Hunk, they fight. Den Miko, silber brudda, he want to try to hunt dings for faja Dimas, cus of the fight over dark, ugly babies. He just want happy family. He fall into river and freeze to death. Faja blame momma and her ugly babes, call me devil woof. Call me sinful. It my fault they dead, yknow. Momma and me, we get exile like crime-in-als.

We mobe to the me-dow. Hunk-faja, he follow. Try to take me from momma! says I his, I belong with him! I says no, he be a strangur. He try to take by force, but momma not let him take only child left. He leave us 'lone for while. I cry for faja dat not mine. Eberytime I does, Momma teach 'bout earth. I learned herbs. Become herbist; Momma not allow fer sadness. Den sickness, it take her. Hunk come back, say he been watch us, now momma's gone, he take me. He not know bouts herbs. So I wait til he needs herbs. I gibe wrong herbs! He bad. Had he left us lone, might still be with sissy, with family. Hunk went sleep, never wake up. скатертью дорога!"


Annika, Dimas & Hunk*

@Valeska, Miko, Hatchet.

other extended family
Alder, Violet, Narcissa, Sreda and Dimitri.
@Crux of Event Horizon deceased — it is uncertain if Harper will ever take another mate.

(xCrux) @Hawking (adopted)

@Nevada, @Rainer, @Amaranth



Fun Facts

Known Languages
— Russian
— English
— Smoke
— Vanilla
— Pine
Jennifer Lawrence - Red Sparrow
Theme Song
Evanescence - My Immortal (CURRENT)
Easton Corbin - I Can't Love You Back (CURRENT)
Celine Dion - Ashes
Jessica Darrow - Surface Pressure
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Toyhouse Link
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08-17-2022 at 10:07 PM
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