Played by Mary Ellen
Steady Wisconsin
Tall (34)
Fur Color
Sex & Gender
Extra Light (150)
Orange brown
5 years (2018-06-03)
Great Plains x Mackenzie Valley Wolf


Steady is more Mackenzie Valley wolf than Great Plains, with the colouring and stature of his mother. He towers above his siblings and reaches the an impressive 150 lbs. He is sturdy and well built with only a tint of Jacko Bean brown (#2E1905) in his fur. His eyes are a Soy Bean orange brown (#6A6051) that can fade in the darkness, causing him to completely disappear in the dark, if he wishes, with only a tiny reflection to betray where he is.


Steady is wise beyond his years. His brute strength is only matched by his gentle personality. However, he is fiercely protective of his family and pack mates, and has no qualms about defending them. While he didn't grow up to be a fighter, after joining his brother's pack and sparring with his former Alpha, Zaria, he has come to enjoy fighting, though only when he deems it appropriate. His heavy body can be a hindrance when hunting, but he does his best to provide for others.

His moral compass may not point in the same direction as others'. He takes each situation in stride, and will not hesitate to take a life, if he deems it necessary. He once threatened to kill a newborn litter of pups because they were conceived against his orders. They lived because he didn't have access to them, not because of a change of heart.

Unfazed by whatever may come his way, Steady takes each day as it comes.


The only history Steady really cares about is his history with Valette, the wolf he considers the love of his life. They have adopted numerous children overtime, and he is always willing to pick up any strays that he comes across.

He was originally ecstatic when he found her in this new world, but heartbroken when she not only didn't remember him, but rejected him.

After a hiatus out of the area, wondering mostly alone, he returns to the area. He's a bit broody, but not (completely?) unkind.

Open to pack recruitment IC.

Current/future to be decided IC.

Recent Location

Steady has most recently been in Morðfjall, Dancer's Foothills, Ichorwood.

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Fun Facts

Will eat other wolves to survive.
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