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By faith we are led

Played by Karleesi
Valeska Callosum
Short (26)
Fur Color
White (#eaeaf3) & grey (#bdbdc9)
Sex & Gender
Light (87)
Golden (#fbc541)
3 years
Arctic Wolf


[Image: Yxf0Fwd.png]

On the smaller side of average in height and build, if erring toward slightly sturdier, due to her extended time in the frozen north. Wrapped in fluffy layers of cloudy whites and soft greys, spotting her amongst the tundra is quite the task, though she unfortunately doesn't have quite the same advantage in greener settings. Fervent golden eyes, brimming with sociability and good nature, betray a glimmer of righteous devotion that would rival the saints of the past - as such, she carries herself with confidence, although it's steeped in naivete and the belief that nothing can hurt her while she's protected by the gods.

Her voice is rich and throaty and thickly accented, owing to her isolated upbringing in a region far from the common tongue.


"Sacred Wolf Mother!"

Outgoing and cheerful, Valeska carries herself with the confidence of one who believes, from the bottom of their heart, that all things happen according to the gods' will. She's quick to trust and doesn't harbor many suspicions - after all, why would anyone lie beneath the watchful eyes of such great deities? - but this comes with a price, and she's often suffered as a result. Unfortunately, her devotion to the gods also lends itself to further naivete, and the concept of moral 'grey areas' is absolutely foreign to her. Her innocence comes with a slight temper, and she's known to fly into passionate rages and fervent prayer when in the presence of Devil Wolves (so aptly named) when she feels her values and personal sanctity are threatened.

Valeska is also a little bit superstitious, which presumably comes with the territory, and has many unexplainable quirks which could probably be compared to an obsessive-compulsive person opening and closing a door fifty times in a row until it feels 'right'.

[Image: qtVIeyY.png]
— Chibi by Sealoon
— Code by Aso


[Image: m7jPOzS.png]
— banner by Sealoon

From dust to dust.

Hailing from cold, distant mountains, Valeska was born into a close-knit pack with her mother, Annika, and her father, Dimas, who felt ever more suspicion toward his mate - for their litter of four held two like their parents, white as winter snow, but also two of inexplicable shadow. No dark wolves existed in their lines; and eventually the secret arose that her mother was pregnant before meeting Dimas.

He did not believe her. He thought her unfaithful.

Thus the little wolf grew up with her father, alone on their secluded mountain, his fangs having turned Annika and the surviving dark child bitterly away from what was once their home. He attempted to poison Valeska with his closed-minded ideals and whispers of the gods, though her heart was lighter and less cruel; she bore him patiently, and grew into a devout believer without his bitter soul. After his passing, she found herself reunited with her lost sibling and eventually befriended those who would later become her pack, Elysium, who brought so much joy and helped keep her from sinking too far into her own judgment. They were blissful days spent in peace.

Then a terrible cataclysm, and... nothing.

Valeska awoke here, with nothing but a memory and an aching heart, desperate to find them once more.

And, one by one... she did.

[Image: oC2MQto.png]
— by Phobic-Art





Fun Facts

Known Languages
— English
— Russian

Valeska smells like crisp cold wind on a hilltop, with a hint of pine needles.
"Sacred Wolf Mother" is an oft-used exclamation when Valeska is surprised or stressed, though little has been found as to its origin, spiritual or otherwise.
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