Played by Chishio
Blackbeard Quway
Very Tall (38)
Fur Color
Agouti With Stripes
Sex & Gender
Extra Light
11 years (2012-11-18)


"Where all the boys at with emotional stability?"

A shadow, Blackbeard is bathed in various shades of black, grey, white, and even some dull reds mixed in. He mixes well with the shades of the forest, especially on trees marred with striping. His muzzle, ears, and paws are splashed with black. He has stripes on the back of his neck, the back of his legs, his tail, and his lower back.

Blackbeard's eyes are a striking light green that contrasts greatly from his fur. He has scars on his muzzle and back right leg from old fights. He towers over most, standing at a hunky 38 inches, bearing quite a bit of muscle that shows he's trained for fighting.

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"Nice car, a CEO, and almost just as smart as me"

Stoic, Blackbeard is good at masking his emotions behind a blank stare and a lazy demeanor. Truthfully, he does care about what others think and say about him. It affects how he thinks quite a bit, and Blackbeard is quick to put himself down based on what others say about him. However, Blackbeard is slow to make friends and more often than not will push others away on purpose so they don't have to see him like that.

While 'on the job', Blackbeard easily pushes all of his emotions away and becomes the perfect tool for assassinations. Robotic and full of intent, Blackbeard focuses on the mission and the mission alone. Anything and anyone else is mostly ignored so he can finish what he was set out to do. That being said, Blackbeard will never hurt someone for no reason, he will never accept a job if the other did nothing to warrant it.

He has a good heart, but will follow orders without thought most of the time. If it hurts someone he cares about then he will run from his problems.

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"A doctor, a model, a man of possibilities"

Born to a pack in the mountains, Blackbeard was subjected to harsh conditions from the start. It was far too cold for puppies to be raised properly in that altitude, and the pack only allowed the strongest to survive even with the harsh conditions plaguing them. Blackbeard was one of the ones to survive that season, but it didn't come without harsh challenges. The pack was made of strong wolves due to where they lived, and the kinds of prey they needed to hunt, so each wolf was tested to see what rank they would be in best.

For Blackbeard, that ended up being an assassin who traveled outside of the pack to deal with issues where he didn't need to be home defending. He wasn't ready, far too attached to his family and far too emotional to the point of giving himself away during nearly every training session. He was put with a team, those of which did not survive during one of their missions. Blackbeard was forced to do it alone, and while he succeeded the mission he also grew depressed along the way.

After that, he put everything into his training and became one of the best in the pack, but it wasn't long until he ran away from home to get away from the harsh conditions and harsh rulers. He didn't look back, not even once, and joined a small group near a lake for many years. He didn't do anything new, just protected the group when they needed it, but eventually, he continued traveling.

After getting cornered by a mountain lion when traversing a different mountain, Blackbeard was subjected to his death and awoke in Canis. With no knowledge of why he is alive, Blackbeard strives to figure out what the reason was. Of course, he has no idea of the world's mysterious happenings.

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Recent Location

Blackbeard has most recently been in Door to Atlantis (discovering), , Ichorwood, The Everfrost.

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