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Lucius Elazar
Very Tall
Fur Color
Light silvers & tans, white, black.
Sex & Gender
6 years (2017-08-18)


Large, solid, broad-shouldered, proportionate for the most part. With a strength that leans just subtly towards grace over hard, heavy bulk even for his considerable size. Eerily intense pumpkin-orange eyes, but often strangely expressionless. Colored mainly in shades of white and light gray, hinted in tans plus distinct darkened markings—beginning in rims around his ears, and then down the slope of his neck to his thickly-furred shoulders, complimented by shaded eyebrows and winged marks around his eyes. In his new life, his scars are absent except for only one on his right paw. (rough pic)


An insightful strategist made of inborn vitality. A man of taste and details, at his core he is a cold-blooded sadist, albeit an incredibly elegant one with a highly refined aesthetic and good manners to match. A skilled, brutal fighter with a high pain tolerance, however, he is prone to the trappings of a curious mind: ultimately dissatisfied. This combines perpetually in search of a rush.

In his prior life, he rose to be an excellent revolutionary. Not golden, or particularly good, but a relentless, unyielding, bastard with a vision and generosity for his comrades. He existed in the moral grey, but had unshakable conviction in the pursuit of truth.


Orphaned not long after birth and reared by an ill-fated young couple among a group of vagabonds, he grew up fast and resourceful in the company of many sorts—eventually to become a curious, charming young solider, groomed neatly for the cause of expansion. Within such an environment, he only further shaped up polished, cunning, and with the bearing of aristocracy without the weight of its blood; in little time, his horizons expanded alongside his rank considerably. Eventually, he met and grew close to a particular comrade who had deep connections to the family he fought for. This friend became his advisor (and trusted agent of espionage), and together they helped win many battles. Success was Elazar's in many ways even beyond the battlefield, though to some, it still marked him a devil for all its price that he willingly paid.

Nevertheless, the young commander's life climbed to towering heights, and eventually fell all the same. In a last brutal charge, he was gravely wounded. It granted his warriors great victory, and significant gains to come afterward, but it would leave their bhairava to awaken somewhere unknown, alone, and distinctly aware that nothing was the same.


Never knew his biological parents, and his adoptive ones both died in his youth—mom when he was around four months old, dad closer to nine months. Briefly had a mate when he was young, but they split before she bore their litter. She immediately remarried a longtime friend of Elazar's.

Well after, and many miles later, he eventually grew into a partnership with his loyal second, Hakuin Eizokusei. Additionally, Elazar sired pups for his partner's sister, tying him to their family in the blood of Youma Eizokusei ♀, Jokiryu Eizokusei ♂, & Ryaku Eizokusei ♂.

Pack History

Sukhavati → Vimala
Sanatorium (December 27, 2021 — March 31, 2022)

Recent Location

Elazar has most recently been in Reclaimed Roots, The Eye of Osiris, .

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Fun Facts

“...but what a glorious fall it must have been, almost worth the flaming wings,”
☀ ½ Rocky Mountain × ¼ Eastern Timber × ¼ Mackenzie Valley wolf
☀ name meanings—"light"/"to shine", "god has helped"
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