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Fur Color
White, Black, Shades of Brown
Sex & Gender
Male — Transgender


[Image: canisleo.png]
WARNING: This character has Major Beef with canids. She won't kill anyone w/out permission but be aware of this fact and that she will likely pursue violence if she feels she can get away with it and ooc permission is given. She is rated 3-3-3

A small and lithe representation of her species, elegant, stealthy, and an excellent climber. Cheetah-like marks of black underline her eyes and run in rivulets down to her dark lips, the dark color cut through with a bright swath of creamy off-white that fades into her forehead and covers her upper eyelids. Her undersides are pale, and she is spotted nearly everywhere. Sweeping around her eyes and cascading down her back and sides are a myriad of blended coffee and sunshine. Her eyes are a burning, piercing yellow.

‣ favors high ground (trees especially)
‣ scars around front right leg and on flank and belly
‣ exact subspecies is unknown


your sins have not gone unseen

At first glance, she is as leopard as leopard gets. Aloof, preferring to be neither seen nor heard, she observes from a distance and judges all she witnesses from her perches in the trees. However, Jingyi was raised in a very family-oriented environment, first with her leopard family, then by the langur troop, so she's no stranger to gregariousness and indeed misses it to an extent, since leaving home/her troop. She is very aware that she is a big cat and while she does not prefer it, Jingyi is willing to resort to such things to get a point across or defend herself. She is extraordinarily opinionated however, she does her best not to form those opinions quickly. First impressions are not everything to her, but once you've managed to make her dislike you, that opinion and the way she treats you from then on will be hell to alter. She has almost no concept of her own wrongdoings and getting her to admit that she's wrong or made a mistake is impossible. The best you'll get is some form of 'repayment' for said transgression in the form of a helpful act or gift. Jingyi is physically incapable of apologizing.

She collects small rocks and pinecones or nuts/hard unripe fruits to bat from the trees at those passing by. She's insanely petty.

[Image: canisleo.png]

That said, Jingyi is not devoid of positive traits. She enjoys the company of others and is capable of working together-She's innately curious and enjoys learning. As much as she is a predator toward those weaker, smaller than her (and she is a predator, and is as likely to kill and eat as she is to help), she is also protective, as a result of her time with the langurs. This reveals itself most strongly in a habit of trying to care for orphans-She hasn't done this yet, but it's highly likely should she come across an orphaned fawn or baby bird or some such, she'll do her best to care for the creature. After all, she wouldn't be here if not for the langur's decision to help instead of abandoning the cub to die.
She is a good listener though she probably tends to give her probably unwanted and usually harsh opinion too often, trying to offer assistance. Jingyi is still young, and was raised by monkeys, too-She has a secretly soft, playful side to her but good luck getting it to reveal itself.


your sins are not forgiven

Born alongside a brother to a single mother, as is common with leopards. They lived a quiet, close-knit lifestyle, about as peaceful as predators could be.

Until a pack of wolves tore Jingyi's mother and brother apart while she hid in the trees, unable to do anything but witness. She was, by far, too young to be on her own, and the cub nearly perished, as she refused to budge, to shift a single muscle from her hiding place, balanced precariously above her family's corpses. Eventually, a troop of langurs happened upon the weak leopard cub. Whether it was kindness or a desire to cultivate a powerful leopard protector for the troop, Jingyi recovered quickly-physically, anyway-under the troop's care.

However, Jingyi did not stay with her langur family forever. After she was unable to save a juvenile member of the troop from a jackal, too many memories of her family's deaths were dredged up, and she split from the group to go her own way, though no hard feelings were felt between the leopard and the troop that had raised her.

She wandered for some time, learning about the world away from the troop-They had all been a bit of a collective helicopter parent for the leopard. Then, one day, she fell asleep...and awoke in a new, strange place.


-Does not recall her mother's name, always knew her as 'Ma'.
-Also does not recall her brother's name. It is difficult for her to remember them beyond their deaths.

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Fun Facts

Known Languages
— English
— Mandarin
— Hindi
honey + smoke
Child Voice claim name
Teen Voice claim name
Adult Voice claim name Current
Fave Food
— Wolf ofc >:/
— (actually turtles)
— Jingyi uses she/hers pronouns.
— Gay/possibly Poly
— Etc

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