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2021 nanowrimer winner

About Me

^^ who am i?
well! i'm brogan! feel free to call me brogan, minxy, minx, or bumble! these are all names i'll respond to. i love pink, green and pastels. i work as an optical advisor and i'm writing crazy. i'm an amateur maniper! i'm constantly working on getting better and do 1-2 commission slots every so often. love me some video games, disney, music and books! and animals, ofc.

DISCLAIMER: I AM A WEEKDAY POSTER. Weekends are what I spend solely with my boyfriend, with very little social media interruption. If I post on a weekend, it is at my own discretion.

RP rules.
this isn't something that i'm super stingy about but if you ever wonder what i'm about, read below!

do i have any boundaries that i don't like to cross?
in short, no. i'm definitely someone who doesn't like to limit themselves to what i could possibly write. very little, if anything, triggers me to the point i cannot read nor write it. i love creative freedom and being able to experiement with my writing, characters and plots. i'm a 3-3-3 writer!

all of my characters are tag immediately! if I have gone 3 days without replying to you, absolutely dm me! it's likely work has gotten ontop of me or i'm having a bad few days mentally, to which I can be super bad with conveying to the people around me. i will never get angry over a nudge! please, please nudge me!

do i like thread requests?
absolutely! want your character to meet mine? tell me! i'll always say yes. want something specific to happen? lets talk about it!

do any of my characters have room in their history for adoptables?
yes! i'll likely put a few up but if I haven't and you'd like to be connected to them, message me!

Character Rules

- when it comes to physical violence against my characters, this is something that's best discussed with me OOCly! usually only if it's deserved IC, if it's something that my character has started, that's me opening up for consequences.
- i will absolutely in time have characters who are a warning themselves, where violence, gore, mature themes are likely. these are characters that will have tags/warnings on their profiles!
- ^^

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