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They call me wild child, so what you heard 'bout me?

Played by Aso
Kei "Ryū" Moriyama (Kay More-ee-ah-ma)
Short (28)
Fur Color
Black and Grey
Sex & Gender
Medium (93)
4 years
Gray Wolf

They called me a rebel,


A girl cloaked in shadows. Vibrant amber eyes are perhaps her most striking feature as the rest of her is rather dark and monotoned. Kei's black fur is highlighted with hints of grey along her legs, collar, and face. A dusting of ash covers the whole of her face and paws with lighter adornments beneath her eyes, at the tip of her chin, and at the edges of a rather short cape along her back.

While Kei is slightly smaller than the average wolf, what she lacks in size she makes up for in well-built muscle. Short thick fur, sits wildly along her body due to a lack of proper grooming and natural cowlicks sprouting along her spine.

but who made those rules, anyway?


Stubborn and impulsive in all that she does, Kei is known to be difficult. She believes in doing things her way and actively retaliates against any who tries to say otherwise. That being said, she only has the best interest at heart. Outwardly, Kei is very confident in her abilities and is not one to back down from a fight.

Her strong personality has gotten her into trouble on more than one occasion, and while she is aware of her flaws, Kei seems to lash out instead of addressing the real issues. This rashness and some events from her past have led her to walk a path of solitude with few she holds close, though those who are willing to put up with her will find a ride or die friend.

Due to her past, Kei has trouble trusting others and is susceptible to returning bouts of jealousy. Those she holds close she is overly protective of and would easily give her life to defend her loved ones.

Not gonna change who I am for your comfort


Parents: Mitsuko & Kazan †
Siblings: Sybil*
Cousins: Shuji Rinako Kentaro (up for adoption)

* denotes adopted family


LONER5/17/22 to present
DRAGONFORD ISLES9/16/21 to 5/17/22
LONER8/20/21 to 9/16/21
EVENT HORIZON4/10/21 to 8/20/21
LONER8/27/20 to 4/10/21
ORDER OF THE JADE ROSEBirth to 8/27/20

So watch and learn,


Kei was born an only child into the Order of the Jade Rose; a pack dedicated to protecting the balance of nature. Daughter to two highly respected ranks, there were always high expectations in place for Kei to live up to her family's name and one day take her mother's rank. Unfortunately, her father passed away when she was young, though in his absence she grew very close to a few of her cousins.

Kei was raised to be a protector, though even with her mother's guidance, other disciples soon passed her in skill. The passion and potential were there, though when it came to discipline and execution Kei fell flat. Frustrated with her stagnant process, Kei grew hotheaded with her mentors and began to lash out earning scoldings and a rather negative reputation throughout the pack. Named a problem child, her mother gave up on her and chose a different disciple to train in her place.

As the days passed her mother's love slowly shifted to her newly adopted daughter Sybil leaving nothing but disappointment for Kei. The day came that Kei was tasked with proving herself alongside the other disciples for their permanent place within the pack, though resentment and jealousy bested her as she sabotaged Sybil. What was supposed to be a temporary setback ended up permanently disabling the girl. Kei's mother publicly disowned her for her actions and when no one spoke up to defend her, she left.

Kei awoke here, in an unknown and unfamiliar land. While she does not know how she got here or where she is, she seeks redemption and holds a desire to carve her own path to greatness. To this day, she still holds the pain and anger from her public embarrassment, though perhaps maybe one day she will prove the Order wrong.

I’ll show you what I’m about




Fun Facts

Known Languages
— English
— Japanese
— Korean

Jasmine & Sandalwood


— Bisexual
— Nicknamed "Ryū"
  aka "Dragon"

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