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Andraste Bacchus
Very Tall (37)
Fur Color
White and Cream. Scarred.
Sex & Gender
Mackenzie Valley Wolf
  this girl a bitch, dni  


Andraste is a 3 - 2 - 3 character.

Andraste is Bacchus and bears all traits

- Cannibalism
- Violence
- Language
- Overtly sexual
- Narcissism
- Gaslighting
- Lovebombing
- C/PTSD symptoms?
- Eugenics

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Proverbial angel from your nightmare.
She has full lineage of a family that prided itself in mutations. A roman nose, five toes on each paw, hind dewclaws, she has it all. Were her ears still present, they would be long and tapering and was her tail still present, it would be thick and shorter than regular wolves.

She is aware of her monstrosity and she thrives on it, thrives on the fear or discomfort it causes.

It's not her fault you're too scared to look her in the eye.
the gentle
the advocate


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devil in wolf's clothing
Andraste lives for herself and no one else. She may take on loyalty to individuals for a short while, but due to repeated breaks of trust from both her and others, she is unlikely to trust others unless they have given her reason to. She acts impulsively, regrets nothing, and remembers everything from her past life. Every abandonment, every lie, every torture. It keeps her awake at night and taunts her with the knowledge that she can trust no one, not even herself.

She is not afraid to ruin families or lives if it means that she survives and is happy. She's a home wrecker and feels no guilt from it.


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simply a terrible coincidence
Born under unfortunate circumstances, she's got a lot of life under her belt and a whole lot more to live, unless she can help it. The Reaper has been her dance partner for many a year and she revels in it.

She grew up on the run and was swiftly adopted into a cult-pack led by two pristine white twins who called themselves gods, even as they shot out their inbred spawn and abandoned them all for the mists. She fled with her husband and daughter, but only after smothering her runt son, believing him too weak to survive the world they were to be spat out into.

She lived in a swamp for a short while with her family, during which they had to send their surviving daughter away with other pups from the pack to protect them. The children were swiftly forgotten as they fled the burning pack lands, destroyed by a war they had no part in.

Arrogant, she paired with a mutant wolf who had been a slave in the cult. She faked her death, ripping her tail off and leaving it in crocodile-infested waters for her husband and their young children to find, all the while she fled joyously with her new beau.

That joy was not meant to last. Chased by her new lover's relative, they fled onto a land governed by mutants of the same breed as her new mate. They captured her and claimed her new mate was a traitor, imprisoning him also. She grew a litter of pups there and watched with cold eyes as the mate died. Once her pups were born, she fled into the swamps, ridding herself of her old name and being granted a new one by her captor: Andraste, a warrior goddess.

She survived the swamps and made a bed with another male, who brought her into the path of a cannibal. She and he roamed for many moons before he, too vanished. She went out in search of answers, finding those of her lineage and learning of her family line's true heritage: War.

And then she woke, all memories crystal clear.


Meissa - Daughter with [REDACTED] from first litter
Crux - Cousin

Odium - Future self (upon her death)

Pack History

Asylum - saint/noble/diplomat
Versus Pello - diplomat
Sanguis Diaboi - slave
Sanatorium - divine mother

Recent Location

Andraste has most recently been in Mountains, Fell's Fen (discovering), , Plains.

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Fun Facts

- She is a cannibal.
- She killed her father with one of her boyfriends, because her father was a Major Dick.
- She has very bad luck with men.
Known Languages
— English
— Loet'ah (Cheunh)
— German
— Russian
Wet Earth
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