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Glacier Moss Ascendance
Fur Color
Blue, Red, White, Black
Sex & Gender
Extra Light
4 years (2019-12-25)


[Image: glacier-by-arkana.png]

Big, white, slow-moving. All of these terms describe a glacier quite well. But they don't describe Glacier at all. Glacier is no hulking wall of ice-white. He is a bloom of color, bright and striking against any snowy backdrop. His base is a deep, rich blue reminiscent of a stormy, deep ocean tipped with white seafoam covering most of his tail, sliding in a stripe across his shoulders, and sneaking a splash inside his ears. Swirls of blood like chum in the water trickle from the corners of his eyes to bloom out onto his cheeks and the two sides connect on the back of his neck. There is a bit more of the color decorating a strip of his chest fluff. Lastly, trailing down his legs, Glacier's blue gradually darkens to a dark black coating his paws. His eyes are a pale lavender color, easily mistaken for grey or faintly pinkish from a distance (he appreciates neither mis-identification) and his nose and pawpads are a pale pink. He is a small wolf, not quite qualified for the smallest of small, with a light and slender silhouette.

— art base by wormwxxd on DA

‣ White tail tip
‣ Lavender eyes + pink nose/paws
‣ Small size and floating gait


[Image: cheebglac.png]
‣ A name like Glacier Moss Ascendance really does all the summing up necessary for the wolf who bears it.

just kinda bitchy tbh. flirtatious, self-centered, cocky, judgmental and melodramatic. talks the talk and cannot walk the walk, can and will manipulate people into protecting him but actually perfectly capable of doing it himself. doesn't like to get his paws dirty. deep down, legitimately compassionate and overall always polite, if sometimes a little blunt.
— art base by omenaadopts on DA


Born to a single mother and raised by a single mother. Nobody knows what happened to the father. It is as likely that he up and left her as it is that she murdered him. Taiga was incredibly eccentric and her children have inherited that trait strongly.

The Ascendants have never been a large lineage, but they are an infamous one in Glacier's homeland. A family of secretive, odd lupines who, despite their affinity for herbology, poisons and healing, have staunchly stuck to their northern roots, the Ascendants have existed for generations on generations. Tradition is somehow both lax and terribly intense simultaneously. Most rumors are that an ancestor or two either ate the wrong kind of herb and went bonkers and the trait is somehow genetic, or that the family is actually a cult that pay in offerings of blood to some god or another for immunity to the poisons these wolves work with so confidently, or other secret, dangerous knowledge.
Where Glacier comes from, his family is generally treated similarly to ancient beliefs about the fae-Could be dangerous, could be useful, either way, most definitely not the sort to screw with.

The truth is just that the family does indeed seem to have a genetic trait of generalized weirdness and a strange affinity for creating and keeping secrets, as well as fiddling with life and death. They're all pretty much true neutral mad scientists, and to have an Ascendant on your side is certainly a boon, though garnering more loyalty from one of them than a simple transaction of goods for services or vice versa is difficult. They are very family-oriented though tend to disperse after around 2 years of age, after an intensive childhood of training from their parent(s), and sometimes extended family members. Ascendant personalities range from batshit insane and most likely murderous to meek and generous. Individuality is encouraged, as is the sharing of knowledge between family members. The more secrets the Ascendants can keep from outsiders, the better. It's practically a competition to see how ambiguous one can be when it comes to healing someone or otherwise offering herbs or poisons. Knowledge is power.


Taiga Lynx Ascendance: Mother
Snow Ocean Ascendance: Sister
Polar Tern Ascendance: Sister
Pine: What Taiga called Glacier's father-Real name and status unknown. She could have just been describing that she missed him, or this could be his name, the truth remains unknown.

Pack History

Glacier has always been a loner. Stayed with his family group for the first two (approximate) years of his life before dispersing, but this was not an official pack.

Recent Location

Glacier has most recently been in , Ripperwood.

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Fun Facts

Known Languages
— English
— Russian
petrichor + mint/generalized herby smell
Notable Skills
-Extensive knowledge of healing/herbs (poisons included)
-Excellent fisher, awful hunter.
-Good swimmer
-[redacted] fighter.
Favorite Food
-Hates clams/mussels.
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