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• critter keeper, curse wrangler. ani-manga enjoyer. introverted, but willing to discuss plants.
• midwestern, usa. cst.
• private messages open. discord: sylrui#1701
• mains: @Jarilo @Antares
• others: @Irura @Weirs @Ashra
• not writing atm: @Daydream @Elazar @Opalia
• i have been around for a long time and will write pretty much anything. ic ≠ ooc, naturally.
• always welcome to tag my characters for threads or any background mentions. PMs open for discussing such, too.
• reply speeds vary because i work full-time, run my small farm, have a dog that is elderly/very dependent on me specifically, and also go outside a lot. this is a hobby for me to chill around at, as they are fictional animals. if there is something i should reasonably prioritize, please let me know.

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