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Scott Peregrine Blaine-White
Average (33)
Fur Color
Sex & Gender
Medium (127)
Timber wolf


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Scott is an average sized wolf with a medium weight, standing at 33 in and weighing 127 lbs. While he’s mostly averagely build, he does have some toned muscle density hidden under his coat, from training. He has a coat of average length, with a little more fluff around his neck.

His coat is interesting; it will switch colors lightly depending on season. His summer coat is more based on his mother’s coat, being brownish in color with silver hairs running through it, due to the undercoat being brown. He will sport a darker brown face, ears, legs and tail. During winter his coat will be more based on his father’s coat, being a more grayish in color; his darker markings will also be a lot more prominent, then, and the contours where the dark gray to black markings stop and the gray fur color begins will be more easily visible.

Scott has bright blue eyes, leaning towards a more icy color.

Summer coat

Winter coat


"Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye!"

Gentle | calm | patient | protective | loyal | reliable | honest | hero-worships his father | values family and traditions | lonely | uncertain | reserved

— Code by Aso



Scott was born at Harlequin Meadow to Tobias Blaine and Finch White during mid spring HY3, as the oldest of the litter. His siblings were Tempest Isla White and Gale Murdock White. He was part of the Idavoll Circle, and lived a good few normal months there. However, there were tensions in the pack, and the leader, Kara, was cast out. Bravo, who Scott considered an uncle, took over the pack. Soon enough members started leaving, even Scott's own mother, and his brother, Gale.

In the end things went very south, and the pack fell apart. Scott wanted to keep his family together, but Tempest decided to go with Bravo, leaving Scott and his father behind on their own. Scott felt hurt, and he still believes his mother didn't want them, that his brother didn't like them, and that Tempest hated Scott or their father for something they did or said... but what, he still has no idea to this day what the reason might be.

Defeated, Scott ran away from home, after running into Randy who claimed the meadow by force, and after a fight with his father. He reunited with Wrenegade, a former member of the pack, and he promised to go to the coast with her. However, his father found him again, and he wanted to go back to his birth place. He wanted to bring Scott along, who asked Wrenegade is she wanted to go, as well. The three set out to Tobias' birth pack, to stay there.


It was peaceful there for a long time, and Scott learned to forget about his former family, and to get over them. But he would never truly forget them. He got to know his family, and learned his father's language, basically leaving the English language behind. Life was good there, and everything seemed to go fine. however, not long after, his father passed away.

Scott was utterly upset, and didn't want to believe it. He never fully grieved is father, and refused to remain in the place where the old man passed away. Mainly because he did not feel a bond with his other family as strong as he had with his father. He returned to Horizon, not wanting to live where his father died, but also because he believed there were still ties in the valley. He believed there still has to be something out there. And that’s where he met Maaike and Lemming. Scott hoped to become their friends, but things got a bit jumbled. Lemming was not seen again and Maaike wanted to leave the valley. Uncertain of what to do with himself, Scott left with her. But leaving felt wrong, and a month later he returned to the valley only to wander again.

He there joined the Twilight Vanguard as a Sentry, only to die during a hunt.

And now he has woken up in Canis with barely any recollection of what has happened.


Tobias Blaine ♂ (†)
Finch White ♀ (missing)


Tempest Isla White ♀ (missing)
Gale Murdock White ♂ (missing)

Extended family
Blair Blaine - uncle
Malmuira Blaine - aunt
Leana Kenzy - grandmother
Aleck Blaine - grandfather
Nessia Kenzy - great-grandmother
Aapo Kenzy † - great-grandfather
Sileas Campbell - great-grandmother
Tory Blaine - great-grandfather

Frost White - uncle (unknown)
Equinox White - aunt (unknown)
Cardinal White - uncle (unknown)
Oriole White - uncle (unknown)
Tulip White - aunt (unknown)
Zephyr White - aunt (unknown)
Eagle White - uncle (unknown)
Daisy White - aunt (unknown)
Owl White - grandfather (unknown)
Solstice - grandmother (unknown)

Bravo (adoptive uncle, went with Tempest)

Pack History

IDAVOLL CIRCLE - Apprentice (born and raised) | Horizon
TWILIGHT VANGUARD - Sentry | Horizon
EMPYREAN - Upsilon | Canis

TOBIAS - Father, rolemodel and best friend. He wants to make him proud. Misses dearly, rest in peace.
FINCH - Mother, left them. Misses and wonders why she left.
BRAVO - Good man, mentor. Hopes he’s taking good care of Scott’s sister.
TEMPEST - Little sister, misses tons, hopes she’s okay.
GALE - Brother, misses, hopes he’s okay.

ICARUS - Good wolf, nice wolf, misses.
ROSS - A little complicated, unsure about, but thinks he’s a good wolf.

LETA - Friend! She’s nice!
HYDRA - Leader, has respect for her.
DESDEMONA - Pack mate, thinks she’s kind.

BUCKEYE - Pretty cool, pretty nice!

Recent Location

Scott has most recently been in The Nameless Mountain, , Mountains.

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Fun Facts

Speaks a Scottish dialect first and foremost, English second.

Will switch to English only if someone really can’t understand him.

Barely curses and is very polite.

The only time he curses is by using Scottish slang,
with the idea that others don't understand him.
— Code by Aso
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