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Fur Color
Cream with fawn accents
Sex & Gender
Male — Agender
Extra Light
Green + Yellow


Dust & Bone
A pretty lad, Nighty is predominantly his mother's soft creams, which darken ever so slightly into a more fawn tone on his face and along his back. These fawn tones condense to darker shades in a thin band across his shoulder, a smudge swiped up from a black nose, and dusting the backs of his ears. It is not as noticeable as it was on his father, but Nightlight bears a splotch of white covering the left side of his face. His eyes are a sunflower yellow and pine green.

He stands taller than most but not towering, and is genetically predisposed to plush curves covering the rippling muscle his rough life has formed. His fur, as well, hides this secret strength, being decidedly fluffy and soft.

[Image: kasselburg1404kati-lars-24-20170610-1271387694-1.jpg]
— Code by Aso


All Alone
Rhymes/creates mini-poems frequently to communicate. He does not speak exclusively in rhyme, however, if he's overwhelmed emotionally, Nightlight will resort to repetitive wordplay/rhyming as a coping mechanism and comfort.

Born compassionate, caring, all things soft and sweet without being a pushover, life has done a number on Nighty and it shows. He prefers to tend toward kindness as his default but he has been burned before and is quick to bite before he can be bitten if he senses something off-that said, he rather strongly prefers words before actions. He does not pull punches.

— Base by CastawayCon @ DA


Never knew his father, lost his mother at about 3 months of age. She succumbed to diabetes but Nightlight believes his and his brothers' existences leeched the life from her. Nova found the boys after Lacey's death and took them under her wing, but their relationship fractured when she conceived a litter and joined a pack, and Nightlight and Alice (his brother) ran away shortly after the birth. They lived in a willow forest for a while, nearby a pack, who first helped Nightlight when he was sick but later the relationship soured when Nightlight (without malicious intent) kidnapped a puppy from the pack. The puppy was returned but not without conflict, during which the sire to Nova's litter, Elias, showed up and helped the twins escape unscathed. Eventually, Alice would split away from his brother, leaving Nightlight behind where he hung around Elias, not yet ready to be independent. Eventually, Elias would leave too, and so would Nightlight, before he washes up on the shores of Canis.
[Image: nighty-f2u-by-tyradoptspng.png]
— Code by Aso; pixel base by tyradopts @da


Lacey: Mother (deceased)
Godbrand: Father (unknown, deceased)
Alice: brother (status unknown)
Nova: Former caretaker/adoptive mother (estranged, status unknown)

Pack History

One, once, does not recall the name nor members. An unpleasant experience.

Recent Location

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Fun Facts

Known Languages
— English
Lavender + Saltwater
—Nightlight identifies as non-cis. To put a label on him, he is agender with a lean toward the gender-fluid side of the gender spectrum. He uses he/they pronouns.
Song name
—Distrusts packs
— Likes fish
— Etc

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