AVATAR CREDITS: Lunicea, Plymouth, Uri, Ktcho


Played by Plymouth
Mordecai Baroque (More-deh-kie Buh-row-ck)
Tall (35)
Fur Color
Chocolate brown, Cream
Sex & Gender
Extra Heavy (199)
Medium Brown
3 Years (1 March, 2018)
Timber Wolf


"Dragons at the gate, they won't stop us getting to the top"

A large brown wolf composed of earthy browns and creams. His most identifying mark is the cream star on his forehead as well as the eye-teeth that poke out from his top lip. His eyes are a soft, honey-brown and usually look sleepy. They seem to match his face which always has a lazy smile etched across it. His tail is much shorter than most wolves, about a little less than half the length. Mordecai is a veeerrryyy rotund wolf. He never misses a meal and one of his favorite things to eat is strawberries. He tends to always smell a bit like them as well. Despite his laid-back and portly self, he has the body of a warrior with scars on his body telling of many fights.

For decoration he wears a series of seaglass as earrings and a bracelet. He has no recollection of where they came from but he's just fine with that!

Scars earned IC missing his right eye tooth (King Gro'Mash), left ear flops forward (King Gro'Mash)

[Image: mordishroom.png]
— Code by Aso

‣ Right ear is ripped almost all the way off
‣ Left ear has a tear in it
‣ Scar across the bridge of his nose
‣ Many other nondescript scars that are mostly hidden under his fur
‣ Is very strong but lacks speed and endurance


"Flying into space like a rocket, never giving up"

A dense man. One that speaks well with action as opposed to words... although his action is usually reserved for eating, sleeping, and fighting. The three things he does exceptionally well. Mordecai is a warrior, a knight that is loyal to a fault. He will never betray his allies and if given an order will follow to the best of his abilities without a thought to his own health. He is a "doer", a follower, and prefers to let those better at it do all of the thinking. Ideas are not his thing... nor is understanding big words. However, if you need someone to lend an ear or to help cheer you up then Mordi is your guy. He loves with all his heart and feels emotions to the fullest extent. It's not uncommon to find him choked up or brought to tears by acts of kindness from others. He feels no embarrassment from such things, nor does he show embarrassment or reservations about giving hugs and affection to others that he meets.

The only time Mordecai is ever seen being unkind is when given orders by those over him. He will fight, he will kill if given the order although he feels no personal vendetta against those that he is forced to move against. He is the soldier, following orders without complaint, or a thought of his own. Granted, even if doing unkind acts under the orders of another he is not emotionless and will show mercy --or be brought to tears-- if it doesn't conflict with instructions.

‣ Kind — Dependable — Empathetic — Fun-Loving — Loyal
‣ Casual — Tough — Mellow — Folksy — Obedient
‣ Lazy — Dull — Disorganized — Uncritical — Follower


He was a knight once...


— None single and ready to mingle
— None
— Crux (also FWB)
the entirety of Event Horizon
— None
— Harper (FWB)



Fun Facts

Known Languages
— English/Common
Strawberries & Sea Salt
Ty Olsson as Ord
Rule The World by TheFatRat
— LOVES strawberries
— Like... a lot... an insane amount
— Loves eating in general... did I mention he likes strawberries, though?
— Loyal to a fault
— Is an extremely loud snorer
— Enjoys napping in the sunlight very much
— Sings really well when he's very nervous I know, it's weird

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