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About Me
She/Her or They/Them • INFJ • Full Time Nuisance • Late Twenties • Libra

• I work full time and generally will post after I get home on weekdays and all day on weekends (unless I have prior rl commitments including but not limited to DnD and band practice).
• My DM's are always open! If you PM me on site I might be slower to answer but I tend to answer discord DM's very quickly — Plymouth (Briar) #4999. Please don't be shy about messaging me any questions/concerns/if you just want to chat or plot <3 I promise I don't bite hard
• If you want my attention in discord please @ me. I'm usually around, I just tend to get distracted when speaking in the chat.
• I do take commissions! If you're interested just DM me for more info.



·Please tag me in discord after you reply to one of our threads! I tend to check my threadlog but being alerted in discord helps me to remember to reply to our threads. Plus! Sometimes I don't go through to check all of my threads in my log, I just make a beeline straight to those threads I've been tagged in or those threads that are most active. Discord tagging helps alert me to threads that I would normally forget to check!

·Feel free to tag me on site (or even in discord too, I don't mind) when one of my characters is mentioned! I love reading when my characters are mentioned by others.

·I'm easily distracted and if I'm having a discussion in discord but all of a sudden disappear, it's nothing you've said, I've just gotten my attention grabbed by something else. Feel free to ping me in discord to get my attention, it helps me to remember that "yes" I am in the middle of a convo. Whoops!

·On the same point above, please tag me in discord if there's a question you have or if you need my attention. I usually am free to check my discord messages as I have the app on my phone.


·Feel free to lightly powerplay my characters. Things like nuzzling, licking, nipping, pouncing, leading, setting up scenes where our characters are doing things at the start of the thread, etc. is all A-OK and okay to be assumed as having happened! Anything like fighting, maiming, killing, please do not powerplay these sorts of things unless I give the okay. These latters sorts of things I'd like a chance to react to unless we have agreed upon it OOC to let you powerplay it.

·For group threads, I'll let my groupmates know when it's okay to skip me.

·All of my characters will innately know any other's genders; I will play it as the dreamscape of the world just allows them to have that sense. The only character of mine --so far-- who doesn't have this rule is @The Whisperer since they literally do not understand the concept of gender and see everyone as agender unless told otherwise.

·For @Err, if you find yourself at his shop (a cave in Blackwood Reach) feel free to Powerplay and/or Godmod anything in his shop. He has all sorts of trinkets and items and your character is free to happen upon whatever they want there.


·Any beliefs my characters have or actions they take do not reflect my own ideals or beliefs. Please always remember that. Just because my character is a jerk it does not mean that I am also thinking the same thing. My characters are themselves.

·OOC =/= IC. I will ALWAYS separate OOC from IC and vice versa. Anything that happens IC, I will NOT get angry about. This is a game and for fun and what happens will happen.

·Please play your characters how they will be played. I will not get upset at them behaving how they were created to behave. That being said, please give a warning if your character might make a beeline to try to kill mine so that I have a heads up.

·I am of the firm belief that IC actions have IC consequences and embrace any and all things that happen.


·If you want to plot with me feel free to drop me a DM in discord or a PM here (although I might be slower to notice PMs on site). I very much enjoy plotting. That being said, I don't promise anything OOC. My characters have their own personalities and sometimes things don't pan out how they have been planned out of character. I like frameworks/guidelines but nothing will be set in stone until we play it out IC.

· Due to laziness reasons I do not usually write detailed histories for my characters. However, my characters do usually have past family and packmates that can be brought on site. If you're interested in playing a relative or past contact of one of my characters just ask and I'll give more details to you.

·If you want a thread with a character feel free to let me know! I'm usually always open for threading <3 Just let me know by tagging me that you have created a thread. You don't even have to warn me OOC if you want a thread, you can just make one and tag a character and I'll hop on in!


·I have no triggers and am generally happy to play anything out. That being said, I will not rp out graphic sex scenes. I employ the fade-to-black method when characters are about to do the dirty.

Character Priority

·As far as replying to threads go, I tend to --not always-- dedicate days to catching up on certain characters. I don't have an order and I don't know on which day which character I'll be doing. It's just easier for me to go one character at a time. Some days I'll have more muse for others and I might do multiple characters in a day or all characters.

·There are times I will break the above rule if I have a lot of muse for a specific thread.

·Please poke me if there is a thread I'm in with you and you would like a reply sooner (and it's been a few days since my last reply), because of plot reasons/needing to move a thread forward.
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