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mostly void, partially stars

Played by gerra
Antares Ostrega
Tall (34)
Fur Color
Sex & Gender
Dark blue
3 years


A tall wolf—long, a corded, rangy strength about him, with deep black fur and particularly pronounced, dense hackles down his nape and shoulders. His eyes are a sharp dark blue, as he very much gets his looks from his mother. There are fading scars on the bottom of his chest and right shoulder.


Very objective, a clever observer and bold opportunist. There is something uncanny about him, Antares may be difficult to read for the uninitiated; with his loner tendencies, he is hard to get close to despite his own knowledge-seeking tendencies. Persistent, and sometimes intense with an audacious dash of mischief to it, he can offset his typical serious nature on the proper occasions. At his most secure, he wears a subtle, but distinctly his own type of magnanimous authority for those that have earned his surprisingly-delicate favor.

With all of this, as ingrained young into his branch of mountain-born Ostrega, he takes pride in his heritage and is protective of home.


Along the summer's first full moon, Antares and his littermates arrived earthside—the firstborns to Moonspear's newly-ascended second alphas, Hydra and Dirge Ostrega. With a healthy reverence for their family and their generational home, they grew fierce, and trained hard, strong even in the face of nature's hardships over the course of their first year. He made for a good student—one who liked to think, and compete with the other youth, all well to his advantage.

Then, around their first year, the firstborns welcomed younger siblings, and soon after, young cousins. They ventured readily into new roles and further into the threads of packlife on the proud mountainside. Thanks to a summer of growth and plenty for the clan, the Ostrega were able to fully reinforce their claim on hunting grounds in Firefly Glen with Osiris leading an offshoot there. Bolstered by the support of his brothers Antares and Atlas in second, and several of the other key faces behind the cause, they all left Moonspear’s supremacy in their stretch of wilderness unquestioned—even as tensions stirred among other packs in distant regions and his wayward uncle found deceased.

After the height of winter, it would only be tragedy from close to home that would unseat their protective grip: a bear encounter against the mountain wolves cost them several key faces of the family, Osiris among them. Due to ranging elsewhere, Antares was too late to the fight. He later helped his mother kill the bear, but the damage had been done. Then, not long after, Atlas went missing, and full of grief and guilt, Antares suddenly inherited the helm of the Fireflies.

They supported him for a time, made it work surprisingly well. He grew very fond of the heart of the pack, and naturally more disaster came before the winter was up: a meteor struck Moonspear, and with it, most of his remaining family. Antares, frantic, searched and found no survivors.
-needed found himself, shell-shocked and grieving anew.
-Glen dissolves into his surviving aunt's new establishment
-Antares ranges, or.. flees? Travels with Vallkyrie Archer.
-awakens in strange lands, Izumi finds him and brings him back to Shiroshika.
-becomes samurai, misplaces the prince he was to guard.
-exile + tiger problems in the tundra begin to set up.
-mercy kills a starved, frozen young wolf he finds.
-wanders across the plains in the winter when large herds are stampeding, and finds the forest queen in the south.
-Shiroshika rallies with Vanderfell Woods against the tiger and his companion; blizzards thwart the attempt, lives are lost on their side.
-Izumi leaves the pack. Shiroshika relocates, and gains a new emperor.
- ....


Grandparents: Amekaze Rikudou-Ostrega ♀, Charon Ostrega ♂, Kasaka Winterheart ♀ & Kelso Ostrega
Parents: Hydra Ostrega ♀ & Dirge Ostrega

Siblings: June 17, 2019: Atlas ♂, Osiris ♂, Vega
May 7, 2020: Altair ♂, Caelum ♂, Mira ♀, Mintaka
September 15, 2021: Cygnus ♂, Scorpius ♂, Ara ♀, Nysa ♀, Raiden ♂, Draco

Offspring: April 20, 2022: Faust Déorwine ♀, Weirs Déorwine ♂, Seaver Déorwine ♂, Selwyn Déorwine(x Célnes Déorwine ♀) *

Pack History

Moonspear (June 17, 2019 — October 30, 2020)
Firefly Glen (October 31, 2020 — April 7, 2021)
Shiroshika (August 10, 2021 — present)




Fun Facts

“... or was it a dream?”
☄ scent—earthy, old woodsmoke. alpine most of all.
☄ ⅝ Rocky Mountain x ¼ Eastern Timber x ⅛ Mackenzie Valley wolf.
☄ languages—English, native. Japanese, limited but learning.
family tree
past life...
☄ myth—star, germanic
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