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Played by gerra
Jarilo Ostrega
Fur Color
Dark grays, near black
Sex & Gender
Minty green
5 years


Well-proportioned in regards to a distinctly rangy, lean-muscled physique, he very much draws his appearances from his mother; this Ostrega is prettily refined in his finer details beneath an almost roguish, unbroken poise—all coated in deep, steely near-black grays that are darkest at his wild-furred shoulders, topline and legs, then with lighter grays on his belly and sides of his neck. Notable against a dark face, his eyes are a familiar silver-tree green.


Patient, and careful—yet able to savor it when its enjoyable, Jarilo is intuitive, down to earth, and enduring. Very much a homebody fond of its comforts, he needs time to reach his depths (as feeling unsettled puts him at conflict with himself sometimes), but he is deep, curious, and ready to act loyally for a greater cause. Trained from birth to be strong survivalist—one not afraid to strike, either, and in proper reverence of the mountains that made their kind.


Like his sisters before him, he was born the night of a full moon on the mountain claimed by his parents, Moonspear. He was their first son, and though he was small in his earliest days, he was still overshadowed by the misfortune of his other sisters: one was lacking developmentally so significantly that their parents were rid of her young, and another fell down a mountain crevice not long after. However, she was later found kept alive by a bear, which the pack fought.. but, she ultimately perished anyway from unrelated circumstance that inspired great strife among the pack and even their neighbors. This left Vela and Jarilo to grow up in the respective tutelage of their father and mother, for each gravitated naturally towards this. They were raised with the tough, proud type of care this mountain-dwelling branch of Ostregas provided, and trained for the sake of their family.

So when his parents had their third litter, Jarilo stepped more seriously into his role as a guardian of the mountain and continued all of his training with his older sisters, alongside various packmates too when they proved worthy—the residents of the Spear often remained closely-knit and related through much of his upbringing. Still, through his first year, his worldview expanded from the lofty heights of their claim. (some settled-down time but he goes introspective because Charon scares it into him, trains with his mother—she allows more finally, Vela leaves, he tries to bloom, his parents start to clash, which escalates a huge mess and he helps chase out a packmate pregnant with his siblings... then after promoting Hydra, mom attacks dad and they kill each other and orphan everyone!! Jarilo absolutely does not cope, Hydra's puppies get here so that's what matters for a good while. Then, earthquakes begin then a famine results, tensions rise but Moonspear stays strong, and gains allies. a foreign Kukutux joins, however Osiris is attacked, ties to old foes that lead them all into spring, where he begins to grow closer to Kukutux, willing enough to be the husband she seeks on the Spear. But, his brothers make strife--Revui from beyond, Arcturus from closer to the heart. Matters escalate, as Ostregas tend to do. Arcturus leaves, and Jarilo rises to beta. after, the first Kukurilo litter is born in the spring--a pair in which the daughter takes after her mother, and son his father. Things are good on the mountain until suddenly they are very not--first a bear wipes out his nephew and several important packmembers, then another nephew goes missing, spiraling Hydra further into grief. close to winter's end, Moonspear is struck by a meteor, and Jarilo loses all recollection there to then awake anew on an familiar peak, unsure of the purpose....

Then, they regroup, slowly but surely into Empyrean. He reunites with many, although not all. With his son Saviguk, he forges ahead in this new life. Jarilo maintains his stance as Hydra and Dirge's loyal second.))


Grandparents: Yuurei Oyama ♀✝, Makyo Eizokusei ♂✝,
Julooke Imperii-d'Erom ♀✝ & Verrine Ostrega ♂✝
Parents: Amekaze Rikudou-Ostrega ♀✝ & Charon Ostrega ♂✝
Full Siblings:
08/18/2017: Korei Julia Ostrega ♀✝, Alya Ostrega ♀, Lyra Ostrega ♀, Hydra Ostrega
05/10/2018: Vela Ostrega ♀, Galaxy Ostrega ♀✝, Ran Ostrega ♀✝
03/31/2019: Arcturus Ostrega ♂✝, Yama Ostrega ♀, Yami Ostrega ♀, Uyo Revui Ostrega ♂✝
Half Siblings:
09/10/2017: Keoni ♀✝, Nikai ♂ (Althaia ♀✝ × Charon ♂)
12/21/2017: Koume Melonii ♀, Kotake Melonii ♀ (Potema ♀ × Charon ♂)
06/30/2020: Castor Cambria ♂, Acheron Cambria ♂, Spica Cambria ♀, Syrma Cambria(Speedy ♀ × Charon ♂)

Mate: ???
Offspring: 05/21/2020: Sialuk Ostrega ♀, Saviguk Ostrega(Kukutux ♀ × Jarilo ♂)
(Ostrega family tree), (Rikudou-detail family tree)

Pack History

Moonspear (May 10, 2018 — February 17, 2021)
Empyrean (??? — present)



Fun Facts

yah-real-oh, Kignitak = blackfox
♞ scent—alpine, earthy. minty sometimes, especially in the summer.
♞ ½ Eastern Timber x ¼ Mackenzie Valley x ¼ Rocky Mountain wolf
♞ languages—English, native. Japanese, proficient. Atkan Aleut, limited.
♞ ☉ taurus ☽ pisces
♞ myth—wiki, Jaryło, δ-dra—Altais, 功罪
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