x March 25: Welcome back! Canis has officially reopened; read more about the changes here. There is an active World Event you can find here. Have fun!
Please complete this interest check survey by April 6! If players do not specify that they wish to continue managing their packs by this time, they will be disbanded. If you have any concerns or wish to discuss anything, please reach out to myself or another staff member.



About Me

Artist, software developer, writer, and lover of all things experiential. Introvert turned extrovert.

  • freeform combat
  • cool with awful characters (I am very difficult to offend and have few trigger points)
  • poke me if I mess up! (if I accidentally assume something or misunderstand or powerplay by accident, please tell me!!)

Gender: Female (she/her)
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03-27-2023 at 02:25 AM
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