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Era Stream (Air-ah Streee-m)
Very Tall (39)
Fur Color
Orange, black and white
Sex & Gender
Light (51)
Dark brown
2 years (2022-04-20)
Maned wolf


[Image: manedwolfex.jpg?ex=666895e9&is=66674469&...7bf84f3fe&]

The thing that sticks out the most about Era is her long legs, which makes her a tall creature. She has large rounded triangular ears that rotate giving her excellent hearing. Her muzzle is narrow and it's filled with sharp teeth designed for catching and shredding prey. Her tail is of medium length and she uses it to help show how she feels. She has a thick mane used to intimidate other animals when needed. Era's main fur color is a regular orange similar to that of a pumpkin. The lower half of her long legs are black, as is her thick mane and narrow muzzle. Her nose is black too. The tip of her tail is white. Era also has excellent senses of sight and smell. She is able to make a sound unique to her species called a roar bark to communicate.


Era has a British accent, noble and proper.

Era's diet consists of fruit, vegetables, and meat. When it comes to prey, she is an excellent hunter with great skill. Searching for food is a priority for her survival.
She eats small prey that includes birds, rodents, rabbits and insects.

As a maned wolf her movements are swift. Not only is she graceful but holds herself with nobility.

She loves to explore and move from place to place. As she does this, she observes nature. Nature is mystical and beautiful to her, and it brings magical life into the world she lives in.

Maned wolves are loners, and this is true for Era. Though she doesn't mind meeting other creatures that aren't a threat to her. She is a friendly maned wolf to those who deserve it.

She enjoys resting in dens when she needs to rest and replenish her energy.

She has morals. One of them is to not kill the young of other predators, but any prey is game. She also doesn't believe in killing other predators as well.

Era is adventurous and free spirited. She follows her own mind not the mind of others.

She is always aware of her surroundings.

Era is very intelligent, and it shows in her speech.


She was born to a pair of mated maned wolves in a den in a forest in Canis. There were 3 pups in the litter including herself. Their life was simple. Once they reached the age of 1 year, they left their parents' den to live their life as adults. Once they left, the parents separated until next breeding season to breed with each other again.

Pack History


Recent Location

Era has most recently been in Mirzam’s Tree.

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Fun Facts

Maned wolves live for 15 years.

Era's surname comes from beautiful streams that are found in nature.

The Stream bloodline is known for their nobility and British accents.
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