Lord of Dirt

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Kuhn (k-un)
Average (38)
Fur Color
Burnt Ochre/ Orange
Sex & Gender
Very Heavy (560)
Slate Grey
3 (1 January, 1200)
Amur Tiger


"I have my own rules to live by"

A deadly creature, packed with grace and musculature, sporting a set of impressive claws and fangs. Deviating form the typical tiger, he is adorned with touches of a mane and slate grey eyes. Various scars pepper his body, including one prominent gash across his lips.

— Code by Aso


"There is more than one way to use a mouth"

Kuhn will often challenge someone just to see what they do and how they react. He believes that to test something it must be able to hold up its own weight. This challenging attitude can often pop up at the wrong time leading to some un-necessary problems.

Being an apex predator, he holds himself at the top of the food chain so he holds himself and what he says to very high standards. But, being feline comes with its challenges. Namely he might not know how to approach a social encounter, or might feel out of control when things aren't going according to plan. Further, he is easily antagonized and despite his normally good nature can give into malice.

— Code by Aso


-Shortly after waking in the tundra with no memory of his previous life, Kuhn started disputes with the wolves of Hravasken, and Shiroshika
-Kuhn has slowly claimed the Everfrost as his home and territory.
-Kuhn has formed a romantic relationship with @ValmĂșa
-Bargaining with Shrioshika, he gained hunting rights in most of the eastern tundra
-Befriended @Tiberius as a hunting partner, Kuhn respects and considers him his best friend to this day.
-Participated in the hunt against the great Boomba, coming to the aid of his friends and the western packs.
-The wolves of Shiroshika and Vanderfell, ambushed Kuhn at great cost, pushing him out of the Everfrost sending him westward, giving him most of his scars.
-Took shelter for recovery in Northfall, getting aid from friends all over the tundra, including his doctor @Harper
-Spend his time giving wandering aid to Duskguard and Northfall, compelled to even his debts




Fun Facts

[Image: giphy.gif?cid=790b76119fb45c938dad1c5633...y.gif&ct=g]

Kuhn is played as an antagonist, though his actions are usually set in motion by other characters actions. He will reveal how he will be motivated to take action.
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