Played by Vami
Elke Ostrega
Average (30)
Fur Color
White, Blonde, Grey
Sex & Gender
Medium (98)
4 years (2020-05-04)
Northern Rocky Mnt


AS NPC: It can be assumed that Elke is doing her daily walks while searching for herbs, visiting Druid's Dream or tending to her garden. Typically checks up on pack members for any remedies they may need.

coat ref, by Noki
mood music
‣ languages:
common & German
scents: morning dew, chamomile & lavender
wears lilac or lavender in her fur to bring out her eyes
voice & face-claim: Jennie Jacques, as Judith

Average in structure though not average in color - Downy soft furs of gold and snow. Tarnished with slate at her spine. Her eyes and face like fresh lilac blooms in Winter. As both silent, beautiful and mystical as the first snowfall.

 A woman who has grown fitting to her name given, Elke is a wolf built sturdy, powerful and with an air of elegance and grace in her stance. She developed her mother's structure, being of middling size and compact in build. Her expressions are soft and holding a suggestion of sweet innocence. She smells of flowers and herbs due to her growing profession.
 A predominately pale girl, Elke has a torso of blonde and a washed out face of phantom white mask. The snowy color extends down her throat, chest, and underside all the way to her white tail and equally fitted with four stockings. Marring her delicate color is a smearing of charcoal along her back. A spilling of her father's dark coat to go along with their matching lilac gaze.


alignment: neutral good
skill set: herb care, medicines, care-giver
likes plants, snow, mountains, the heavens, mythical creatures, magic, sheep meats
dislikes abrasive & confrontational wolves, loudness, hot & dry lands, poor hygiene, bullies

 From the beginning, Elke is a thoughtful and observant girl who quickly holds a desire to be self-sufficient. Strong willed, determined and though friendly and respectful, is quite cautious and untrusting of new wolves. Eager to learn and express herself and can be impatient in this, critical to her own failures. Generally quiet and reserved though can still hold good conversation with those she has connection to. Concise. Where she lacks in speech she makes up for in action.
 More intellectual than physical. Like her mother, she is soulful, a deep thinker perhaps at times too thoughtful and may tend to wear melancholy like an heirloom. She is often more kind to those she cares for then her own self. Elke may easily come off as distant or cold, though is truly gentle at heart.


Father: Mahler
Mother: Nyx
Littermate: Cirilla
Half-Sibs: thade, phaedra (via mahler), svalinn (via nyx)

Mate: n/a
Sons: n/a
Daughters: n/a
(May 2020 - October 2020)
(October 2020 - February 2021)
(March 2021 - Currently)

Recent Location

Elke has most recently been in Druid's Dream, The Nameless Mountain, The Oasis.

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