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Fur Color
white, silver, black accents
Sex & Gender
Female — Male/Nonbinary
clear honey brown
2 years (2021-11-02)
Eastern Timber Wolf
hello, hello, are you lonely?

[Image: 7ed4da6942d1d16273ca921a4d045c23.gif]

 A slender young man with fur painted in monochrome. He has a black spot around his right eye, and black accents across his back, his ear tips, and the tip of his tail. His eyes are sharp and intelligent, and are a shade of pale honey brown. Their frame is thin and leggy, built more for speed and agility than fighting.

 Laith is a trans man and has a very androgynous look about him. Misgendering at first glance is fine, but Laith will correct others if they use the wrong pronouns or terms for him. In his other life, he was male, so he's getting used to his new biology. In fact, his entire appearance doesn't feel quite right to him - as though his body isn't his own.

i'm sorry, it's just the chemicals

 A blank slate, Laith cannot recall his past. It comes to him in broken bits and pieces, in feelings rather than actual memories. He recalls smog, of being unable to breathe. Someone calling his name, near desperately. A desire to help, where he could. And then he woke in Canis.

[Image: f71d10866a0e92d20c102ee5fbaa9216.gif]

— Code by FlowerBoy, inspired by Aso

 Caught in a sort of crossroads, Laith is unsure where life may take them. Longing for their past is all-consuming, desperate to return to a life that no longer exists. Their only two options are to remain stuck in place, or to accept things as they are and move forward with this new life they've found themself in.

hello, hello, do you know me?

 Laith is a healer, and by nature enjoys caring for others. He tends to have a good deal of patience and understanding, but he does have his limits, and is far from being a doormat. They come across as mild-mannered and generally quite welcoming. Confident and efficient, and extremely strong-willed. Very stubborn and goal-oriented, and highly intelligent. He loves to learn and enjoys meeting new creatures and going new places.

 Incredibly determined and bold, Laith's mind is hard to change once he sets it to something. They are remarkably loyal, as well, to those they care for. However, they will not take to being inhibited well. He is still figuring himself out in many ways, and his personality will be molded significantly by IC events. He has lots of room to grow.

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i'm called mr. forgettable

Known Languages
— English
Herbs and Something Sweet
Pansexual, prefers men
Single, interested in ???
Moral Alignment
Neutral Good
— favorite food is fish
— likes to stargaze and take long walks
— tends to run out of breath and develop coughs easier than most

Recent Location

Laith has most recently been in Morðfjall, Sleeping Doe's Range, Furud’s Lake.

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