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Ichor, simply Ichor
Average (33)
Fur Color
charcoal black, brown and red
Sex & Gender
Male — Male (FTM)
Medium (125)
fire bright
2 years (2022-01-10)
Mackenzie Valley Wolf

  I am bleeding under the sunset   Everything is beautiful...



kind, giving, heroic, loyal, determined

militaristic, weary, alert, opinionated

violent, gullible, judgemental, awkward

You are not doomed to die. You are doomed to the narrative.

Fire is imbued in the breast but does not simmer in the heart. Ichor is quite subdued and oddly shy despite his good-natured personality and gentler manner. Having no memories to guide his personality, Ichor is a bit naive to the world around him- and thus, he is quite cautious of what he does not know. With his nightmares of fire, he knows he has been burned before and does not want to take any risk ever again. Yet he cannot help that it is in his nature to want to help others. Strangely subservient to those whom he thinks to be 'in need', there is a honed-in instinct for him to 'do good' no matter the cost. Yet he tampers with his own morals with violent lashing outs he can't quite control when upset or scared- to him, it is as much of a reflex as flinching when lunged at. Though it is not easy to take him by surprise- he assesses wolves the minute he sees them- body type, scars, height and weight are all stashed away in the blink of an eye and used only when he believes it must be.

And suddenly you're ripped into being alive. And life is pain, and life is suffering, and life is horror, but my god you're alive and it's spectacular.



Animals, listening to songs, telling stories

Sunsets, the beach, leaves, pinecones

Fire, blood, violence

Ichor cannot remember his history. He suffers from PTSD of his past and often experiences nightmares of fire and blood- a cruel implication of what his history was truly like.


Ichor is slightly tall and clearly built for battle- beneath his thick pelt lie chiseled muscle and scars. Ichor's fur reflects a cloudy and fire imbued night, darker smoke hooding his head and cloaking his legs- yet much of his fur is charcoal in the sense that it is hued with orange- and where it is not orange, then grey. He is a beautiful wolf but is marred with an assortment of scars from conflicts he is either cursed or blessed to never remember. His most noticeable one is the one that runs over his eye, drawing attention to the burning irises further.

Recent Location

Ichor has most recently been in Banesteppe, Raven Rock, Stone Mountain, Saltwoods.

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