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Aesira Vikland
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Mackenzie Valley wolf
There is no honor in tricks.

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 Her eyes are the endless color of honey running from a bee hive, and often just as impenetrable. Her ashen fur only makes their vibrant color stand out that much further, making an altogether striking image of a female. Like the bloodlines that birthed her, Aesira is built for battle. A viking through and through, she is well muscled and strong and this is obvious when looking at her. Her chest is well sprung and deep, melting into long legs and large paws.

 Her thick coat adds to the muscular appearance of this female, it's monochrome palette helping to hide the boundaries of the body it cloaks. Fur the color of weathered stone marks the majority of her pelt, with ashen silvers and umber borders providing an eye-catching contrast. She is meticulous about keeping her fur clean and tidy, constantly hearing her father's criticisms in her head if she slacks off in this task. Her ears were once perfectly sized for her head and rimmed in black fur, but all that remains now are the tattered remains of the ear leather. Various other scars dance across her pelt, marking the battles that she earned them during.

A lady's armor is courtesy.

 Much to her father’s disappointment, Aesira was the only female in her litter and as such the male took little to no interest in his young daughter. That changed as she matured, showing signs of being a beautiful female. Seeing that she would make a great option to be mated to one of Jordnir’s pups, elevating his own bloodlines in the process. Despite the greatness he saw in her future, Magnus took very little part in the training of his daughter. Instead, he left that to her mother and only participated by doling out harsh criticism to the two of them whenever he saw fit.

Because of the training and her gender, Aesira wasn’t very close with her brothers. They were too busy training with their sire to have much time for their sister, and she wasn’t all that interested in bridging that gap anyway. As far as she knew, the males of the pack were brutes that were good for pups, protection and little else. Still, she enjoyed watching them grow into strong young males even as she turned her attention to Jordnir and his family. Her life came crashing down around her ears when the Earl disappeared from the Clan however, though she was smart enough to let none of her dismay about it show.

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— Code by FlowerBoy, inspired by Aso

 With Jordnir’s exodus, Aesira turned her aspirations to something she’d enjoyed from a young age- hunting. She excelled at it, which ended up saving her life when the pack melted away into history. After the dispersal of his heir, the once great Salvo had seemingly lost interest in leading his pack. As a result, the numbers kept dwindling until Aesira herself was forced to disperse in order to survive. She spent several moons afterward on her own, hunting to keep herself alive throughout the territory that used to be Halcyon’s. Eventually, she noticed a familiar scent and tracked it down, finding the heir himself. He quickly accepted her back into her birth clan, where she served faithfully for as long as she could. A terrible storm swept over the rocky coast one day, sweeping Aesira from her home in Sapinda and depositing her in an unfamiliar world.

"The fury of the ocean and the strength of the mountains rule my blood! I am a Viking and Valhalla does not await me this night!"

 Aesira’s personality is largely shaped by the customs, morals and expectations bestowed upon her under her mother’s guidance. As such, she is immensely skilled at the dance of politics expected by her. She lives by the mantra her mother instilled in her, “Courtesy is a lady’s armor”, something she depends on for guarding herself in the face of extreme pressure. She craves harmony and social stability, often suppressing her personal discontent with a situation or certain wolves if necessary to maintain her facade of meek obedience. She draws her sense of self-worth from her ability to navigate social niceties and strata, judging herself harshly for every little misstep. Despite being raised in a relatively cold and political family, Aesira is highly empathetic and can connect emotionally with others in spite of overt differences. She sees this aspect of herself as a weakness and tries desperately to bury it, but thus far has not succeeded.

In addition, she is extremely idealistic. She follows an inner model of how she feels the world should function, meaning a world shaped by whirlwind romances, chivalry and honor. During her youth, she fully expected the world around her to be a manifestation of this internal model. This didn’t last long before the grim realities and borderline cruelty of her parents’ censure shattered her idealistic views. Despite this, she refuses to give up on her dreams and remains idealistic and more than a bit stubborn. This aspect of her psyche has had an effect on those she’s encountered in her life, often inspiring them to help her. Her idealism has also been mistaken for naivety, leading to some trying to become a part of her life in order to take advantage of her. Luckily, she has been able to sense this and protect herself from these intentions thus far.

 Because of her days under her mother’s tutelage, Aesira still loves ceremony and spectacle. She appreciates tournaments and traditions, sometimes getting so engrossed in the sensory aspect of these things that smaller, subtle things completely slip past her no matter their importance. She can also be a bit impulsive, often leading her into tense and sometimes dangerous situations. When faced with physically volatile situations, this female tends to freeze up rather than taking direct action. Because of this, she relies on her quick wit to get her out of such situations before they escalate. She’s also quick to anger, dropping into sullen silence and blatant sulking. If she is pushed to further anger when she gets this way, she usually resorts to sharp words meant to drive the offender away.

Aesira is prone to low self-esteem, which was intensified by the strict expectations of her parents. She expects others to conform to her internal view of the way they should behave, finding herself frustrated and disappointed when they don’t. Oftentimes this disappointment leads to sadness, resulting in the wolf retreating into herself. When she’s feeling particularly low, she will self isolate and throw herself whole-heartedly into hunting for the pack, not wanting to be a burden to anyone.

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"Though I'd rather give my life than see my Jarl felled, I will charge directly into the fray and send as many souls to their final destination as possible in vengeance if called upon."

Recent Location

Aesira has most recently been in Morðfjall.

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Fun Facts

"By Fenrir and Alfaðir, may my own fangs turn inward against me should I fail to uphold this oath."

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· She loves thunderstorms.

· She collects feathers.

· She fears snakes.

· Hare is her favorite prey to eat.

· She has a phobia of deep water.

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