The Lost

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5 years (2018-11-29)
Mackenzie Valley wolf
If by my life or death I can protect you, I will.

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 Amber eyes that reveal nothing of his inner thoughts are framed by thick black fur that hides the scars beneath. His obsidian tresses caress his face, lending a nobility to his stature that fits his stoic personality well. His cheeks and cape are graced with fur of a lighter color, giving contrast to the stocky male and making him altogether a striking wolf. His thick pelt does nothing to hide the musculature underneath, only enhancing it when he is in motion.

 His head is slightly larger than that of a german shepherd, with well-furred triangular ears set on top. His muzzle is long and wide, hinting at the strength of his bite. His eyes are deep amber, and are striking against his pelt despite their common color. His head meets his neck perfectly, and his neck slopes down into a strong back and tail. Altogether, Apollyon is a strong wolf, and he looks it.

I belong to those I love...

 The oldest of three, Apollyon took on the role of protector from a very young age. Even as a pup, he would not hesitate for a moment to bare his fangs in defense of his siblings, especially his sister Salem. As he grew into an awkward, lanky adolescent his protective nature only grew, extending beyond his family to his pack. Anyone he trusted became someone he would gladly die to protect.

As soon as he was old enough to be apprenticed, Apollyon begged his alpha for the position of bulwark. He'd watched the other bulwarks protect the pack and others under Amalo's laws and he wanted to be part of that. Luckily for him, he'd been graced with his sire's stocky build and Amalo happily assigned him to Abaddon as the older male's apprentice. Apollyon was an eager study and he learned quickly at his father's side. He became a valued bulwark, where he earned the alpha's trust with his undying loyalty.

[Image: 51573660_4tQ8Num3jZ9dd0K.png]

— Code by FlowerBoy, inspired by Aso.

 As he became closer and closer to Amalo, Apollyon found himself bearing the aging alpha's secrets as his own as he was named beta. These hidden truths tested the young male's bonds, leaving him torn between duty and honor with no clear way out. Struggling with his emotions, the male began to withdraw from those he cared about. He became short tempered and restless, often wandering Verglas Rose's territory with no destination or task in mind. It was during one of these walks that he was overtaken by an avalanche, the sea of snow overwhelming him within seconds. When he awoke, he realized very quickly that he wasn't in his territory anymore. He cannot decide whether he will stay or try to return, instead focusing on simply surviving for now.

...and they belong to me.

 Likes: Strength, Loyalty, Light-colored Eyes

Dislikes: Cowardice, Traitors, Hot weather

Strengths: Endurance, Strength, Wit

Weaknesses: Agility, Speed, Tight Spaces

(+) Charismatic
(=) Romantic
(-) Aloof
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

 With those he doesn’t know, Apollyon is very hard to read. He keeps his emotions and thoughts hidden behind a blank expression and a closed mouth, not wasting time raising his voice. This has caused many who aren’t familiar with him to mistake him as vapid and shallow, but those who do know him know this isn’t the truth.

In truth, Apollyon is a friendly and charismatic male. He almost always has a friendly greeting or joke readied when he sees his packmates, and he’s unafraid to use this charisma to try to persuade others to see things his way. He isn’t selfish however, and doesn’t try to get his packmates to do things that he knows they’d really rather not do.

Because of his openness with the pack, Apollyon has managed to keep his biggest secret from being found out. Despite the fact that the Verglas Rose pack is highly spiritual, Apollyon himself doesn’t believe in the deities so important to the rest of the pack. He keeps this fact hidden because he fears the repercussions of being found out, meaning he participates in the feasts and other events to honor the spirits.

[Image: 54817980_hFIsxLGhVDQv0Xg.png]

Trust is earned, respect is given and loyalty is demonstrated.

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