Played by Hyperesis
Fur Color
Dusty Brown Roan
Sex & Gender
5 years (2018-10-26)
Timber Wolf
[Image: 83813397_pSPuh28BV7k5VEv.png]
The Forgotten Heir
?Libra  The Fool  intj — ESTJ- The Executive   Neutral Evil

Caine worked hard to become the wolf that he is built to be today. It often shows through both physically and mentally when faced with a challenging situation. He is often hard to beat in combat, and has proven this time and time again. When it comes to an emotional trial, he is often able to get over a traumatic experience quickly. In addition, he quickly jumps to the aid of others when they are in need, both in battle and emotional matters.

Despite his brute of an appearance, this male is extremely intelligent. This often comes as a surprise to many of his pack members, as he is often seen as simply a jokester or just the muscle of the pack. He has an incredibly expansive vocabulary and puts this knowledge at the forefront of his language. In addition, Caine is often a go-to for other tactics and mission ideas.

If Caine were to be marked by anything incredibly notable it would be for his sense of humor. He is often a good wolf to seek out if one needs cheering up. Somehow, he is able to make light of any sort of situation, no matter how dark. Although some may not understand his sarcasm, there are a few out there that cherish a good laugh from the brute every now and then. His sense of humor is often paired with rather fowl language. A poke or prod at someone's stench or appearance, a vulgar word often slips his lips in casual speech. It is tolerated by the members of the pack, and sometimes even welcomed. Many have simply accepted it as apart of his personality. Although, he does take thorough enjoyment of catching the occasional pack member off guard.

Years of torment have made him rather tolerable to insults and harsh criticism. He often brushes off a rude comment with a casual joke, or a rather witty comeback. Nonetheless, harsh words against this wolf are rarely used. He is a firm believer in the saying "don't dish out what you can't get back."

Although he is a fairly open book about his present life, seldom does he open up about his past. There are many wolves in the pack that already are aware of his wrongdoings, but those who do not know, will most likely never find out. Asking about his past flips a switch in him, and he will often distance himself from the asking individual for quite some time. His mistakes haunt him every day and night.

Even though he will never allow it to show through, Caine struggles with the decision he made, the one that cost him his family. He longs to be a better individual because of his mistake, it is his main drive that pushes him to get up every single morning. However, everyone has their bad days and nights.

Even though he isn't proud of his decisions he made in his past, he is excessively proud of what he has built himself to be in the physical sense. He knows he is an attractive individual, and he will own it without hesitation. This gives him a bit of a confident attitude at times, especially in the game of flirtation. However, some may see this attitude that peers through on occasion as a bit of an irritant.

His impulsive nature often acts as a double-edged sword. In a good way, it could cause in to approach a new pack member and ear na new friend, making someone more comfortable in the midst of the pack. On the other hand, this trait could be costly, whether it be to his mental health, of the lives of his pack members. As intelligent as he may be, sometimes an on the spot, stressful situation could cause the brute to become quite overwhelmed.

smells of sage and fire
Rich and smokey scent, tends to draw others in.

voice of Handsome Jack

Bisexual. Single.

favorite color is Red.
secretly enjoys wildfires.
loves to hunt.
fear of heights.

[Image: 83813394_djGg2yM46kfVd8R.png]

Strong · Intelligent · Sarcastic · Coarse · Thick Skinned · Conceited · Impulsive
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Caine has most recently been in Druid's Dream, Ichorwood.

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