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Average (32)
Fur Color
Silver, gray and black
Sex & Gender
Medium (130)
Timber wolf
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Datpanda on DeviantArt

An average sized wolf standing at 32 in and weighing a little on the heavier side with 130 lbs. His body build is a bit portly, and it makes him look a little wider compared to most other average sized wolves. It’s not that he’s fat, but he does have quite a bit of bodily fat on him.

His coat is a silver-gray color, with darker gray and black markings going all over. His ears, neck, beck and tail are completely drenched in this dark color. On his face, he has black markings around his eyes, looking like tear streaks, and a black stripe going from his nose up to midway his muzzle. There’s a black, diamond-shaped marking on his forehead. There are a few very light brown and cream markings running through his coat, as well, though less visible. His eyes are a deep blue color, appearing kind of dark.


"Build it all up
to bring it back down."

Pushy | whiny | overdramatic | blunt | impatient | cowardly | avoids confrontation | low self esteem | helpful | shy | kind | awkward
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Datpanda on DeviantArt
— Code by Aso


Makangeni on DeviantArt

Stark was born in Horizon, in Guarded Falls. He was born into the Firewing Brotherhood pack, and grew up there. He was the only one that looked like their estranged father, and so when the man was finally introduced to them, Stark’s self imagine and self love went down fast.

He grew up a troubled young man, and it didn’t help that he was often competitive with his sister Natasha. She was better at a lot of things, and often rubbed it in his face and made fun of him. It drove Stark crazy, and it created a lot of self hate.

The male started tearing apart what he’d build up, ruining friendships and his image to the world. He remained loyal to his family and stayed home, did his very best to prove himself, but always fell short. It frustrated him, it made him unhappy. He made himself very unhappy by not choosing the path he truly wanted for himself.

It ended up in trouble.

Now he’s here in Canis.


Marzena ♀
America (estranged) ♂


Natasha ♀
Clint ♂

Theodore (adoptive) ♂
Emmalynn (adoptive) ♀ (†)

Extended family
Valentina (adoptive aunt) ♀ (†)
Valkyrie (niece) ♀
Bucky (father figure) ♂
Nanna (former student) ♀

Pack History

FIREWING BROTHERHOOD - Brother (born and raised) | Horizon
SHIROSHIKA - Noble | Canis

MARZENA - Mother, misses sometimes. Wished he could have been a better son.
NATASHA - Strained, absolutely hated her being overly competitive and rubbing her accomplishments in his face.
CLINT - Good brother, deserved better.
VALENTINA - Why did she have to die? Misses.
HUNTER - Former mentor, died.
THEODORE - Why did he have to leave?
EMMALYNN - They were her family, weren't they?
FINNI - Good quiet kid, misses.
NANNA - Former student, good kid, misses.

REIKO - Family, too good to him. He doesn't deserve her.

BUCKY - Wishes he'd been his father, instead.

Recent Location

Stark has most recently been in Tsukiishi, , Permafrost Lake, Tundra.

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Fun Facts

- His resting face is grumpy and tired, not very welcoming.
- He doesn't want an important role, he just wants to be acknowledged for the things he does. He barely got this acknowledgment throughout his life, though.
- Due to having grown up emotionally neglected and never having been rewarded for his hard work, as well as due to other past events, he's rather awkward and skittish around females, nor does he know how to be buddy-buddy with other males. He's a rather lonely soul that's awkward around everyone because he doesn't know social cues, nor how to be a real wolf.
- Always felt like he got compared to his estranged and asshole father simply for being the only pup of the litter to look like him, therefor he hates looking at his own reflection and gets real awkward when others compliment him on his looks.
- Has vague memories of his death in his former life but can't fully remember the events nor does he believe he did die before. More memories will come up in later threads.
- Speaks English fluently, currently learning Japanese.
- Basically a dude with massive anxiety that tries so hard to not be like his father that he doesn't even know who he himself is anymore as a person and lots of PTSD from his childhood/former life.
— Code by Aso
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