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Ula Seatide (oooo-la See-ty-d)
Very Tall (60)
Fur Color
Sex & Gender
Very Heavy (797)
Dark brown
5 years (2018-11-11)
Polar bear


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As a polar bear she has thick white fur, the thickest of any bear species. Underneath her skin is a thick 4 inch layer of blubber. These adaptations help her stay ever so easily warm in her harsh cold environment. Her paws are webbed, used for swimming, and sport thick, sharp, and curved claws. Her claws help her grip frozen ice or slippery prey, and can cause great damage in battle. She has a great amount of muscle and sheer strength with the size to back it up. Her teeth and jaws are very strong, able to tear through tough hides and frozen carcasses, and easily rip flesh. She has dark brown eyes, a black nose, and black paw pads. Her tail is short. She has an excellent sense of smell, which she can use to tell a lot by just scent. Standing on her hind legs she is 96 inches. She has smooth curves on her, outlining her form as a female, and adds to her beauty as a female polar bear. She is a bear beast in white.


Ula speaks English and Irish.

Ula has a natural connection to the water. Underneath the water she feels she is in a world of magic and mystery, a mystical place of belonging. She respects the water and all it holds, as well as all it gives. After all her name means "gem of the sea".
She also respects the ice and the sea as well. To her, the water, the sea, and the ice are sacred resources.

She worships three gods that guide her as the polar bear she is. Goddess of the sea, the god of ice, and the god of water. She takes note of the weather as signs and prays to these deities in both easy and hard times. She is completely devout to her gods.

As a polar bear she inherits brute strength and massive power the likes of which strike fear and caution into many. Her greatness is a sight to behold. Not only that, inside her lies a hidden ferocity that she uses at her discretion. That ferocity is inherited from her bloodline and from being born as a polar bear.

Ula can withstand the most freezing temperatures. In fact, she is very comfortable in very cold weather.
As a polar bear Ula is very resilient, able to face almost anything that comes her way.

Ula talks with the strength and confidence of the large female bear she is. Her voice is unwavering.

She carries herself with honor, power, and elegance. She holds the air of a bear priestess.

She loves to eat meat and consumes a whole lot of meat to keep herself fed. She tends to hunt seals and look for marine mammal carcasses when available. Otherwise, she will hunt and scavenge large game the land provides.

When it comes to dens, as long as it provides shelter from the outside and accommodates her large size any den will suffice. Though her typical den is one made under ice and snow. Dens are a place of refuge for her to rest.

She is a traveler going from place to place at her own discretion. She wanders wherever she wants as she pleases, whether it's looking for food, enjoy the scenery, or to satisfy her curiosity.

Ula is accepting towards other bears by default, but when it comes to other carnivores such as wolves she is guarded.
Ula believes polar bears are superior to other species, making her arrogant. She prefers other bear species to all other carnivores too.

Ula knows her worth and her greatness, for she is a polar bear and a descendant of the Seatide lineage.

Ula is very strong both mentally and physically.

She is a very intelligent polar bear.


The Ice Bear Kingdom, a kingdom ruled by honor and brute strength, for only the strong survive here. The water, the sea, and the ice are seen as sacred resources and taking them for granted is greatly looked down upon. The great king reigned above all and had to show his strength to keep his hold on absolute power. The queen was responsible for producing heirs and served as the king's advisor among his council. The kingdom reigned as the top predators in their land. Ula was born to her mother who was the high priestess of the kingdom and part of the council to the king and queen. Ula was destined to be one of the priestesses when she came of age. As soon as she could walk, she was taught of what was expected of her as a future priestess. To walk with power and honor, never be afraid of the water, to be fierce, interpret the sound of the cold winds and the waves of the sea. As a future priestess it was her job to speak to the goddess of sea, the god of ice, and the god of water. Ula was the pride of joy of her mother, and father who was the high priest. The other priests and priestesses adored Ula, for she was sharp and held great promise. When Ula was 3 it was said that Ula would marry the prince of the king. Ula didn't know what to think of it, but she knew she didn't have a choice. One day a meeting of the kingdom was announced, for some male decided to challenge the king for his title. The fight was brutal and bloody, and yet, the challenger won. Ula's mother spoke against the new king and as punishment he ordered Ula to be killed for her mother's disobedience. Ula's mother and father told her to run and run she did. By the order of the new king her mother and father were killed. Ula still holds the kingdom in her heart of the priestess she was meant to be. Now, she is a polar bear looking for a new start. A start that would lead her to the prosperity befitting of a polar bear.


Mate: Roaming male
1st litter: Coming soon

Pack History


Recent Location

Ula has most recently been in Whisper Key.

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Fun Facts

Ula means "gem of the sea" in Irish.

The symbol of the Seatide bloodline is the Celtic knot.

When pregnant with cubs or rearing cubs she is very, very protective over them. She won't tolerate the threat from any other creatures leading her to become aggressive and territorial to those who dare to try and approach her and her offspring.
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