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Gold Eternity (Go-ld Eeee-ter-ni-ty)
Short (33)
Fur Color
Brown and gold
Sex & Gender
Light (18)
3 years (2020-11-01)
Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroo


[Image: treekangaroo2.jpg?ex=655d5ff0&is=654aeaf...52e1bcd28&]

Gold looks like a smaller version of a typical kangaroo. Her eyes are that of pure silver. Gold's paws, lower legs, undersides, majority of her tail, and part of her arms are gold. The rest of her body is marked in a striking brown as well as part of her tail. Her body is muscular, perfect for climbing and living in the trees. She also has an extremely beautiful and long tail. Gold has sharp claws on all four paws that help her climb trees with great ease. As a female marsupial, she possesses a pouch on her belly used solely for the purpose of rearing young, a moving home for her offspring. Her offspring not only grow in her pouch that offers protection but nurse in it as well.


Gold eats leaves, flowers, fruits, insects, moss, and tree bark. She also has the option of eating eggs and small birds when she feels like, marking her as an omnivore. She enjoys eating but is no glutton.

Gold is a kind creature, willing to make friends whenever the opportunity presents itself. She is a caring creature towards those who deserve it. Not only that she holds compassion in her heart as well. She has a strong distaste for evil creatures who follow the path of darkness.

She is calm and level headed. She thinks before she acts. She avoids danger and conflict at her discretion.

Gold is a curious creature. She likes to explore and experience nature. To her nature is magical and beautiful.

As a tree kangaroo Gold makes her dens high up in the trees in tree hollows. This ensures her safety from a lot of predators below, especially wolves. It also is the perfect shelter from rain, wind, and hot temperatures. She enjoys cozy nights in her dens high above the ground.

Gold lives each day to the fullest.

She is very intelligent.

She loves to sing and has a beautiful voice.

Gold holds great pride in her appearance, for she knows she is unique and stunning.

As a small tree kangaroo she is always aware of her surroundings. There are dangers out there.

Gold has a British accent.

Gold is very composed and worthy of respect. Yes, she is dignified.

Gold is free spirited, part of that means she goes where she pleases and makes her own way in life. This includes making her own decisions.

She cannot be swayed. Meaning she can't be controlled and no creature holds power over her.

Gold holds little fear. She is brave.


Gold was born like all marsupials, a tiny pink blob who climbed up in her mother's pouch soon after being born. Out of instinct she then latched onto her mother's nipple and started feeding. She then spent most of her physical development in her mother's pouch. The first time she left her mother's pouch was in their den in a hollow in a tree. She was a wild joey who took to climbing trees quickly and naturally. She loved to explore. Gold and her mother spent cozy nights in their den. Gold grew into a beautiful adult creature of brown and gold, who caught the attention of other males of her species. Yes, she is very attractive to other males of her kind. She now explores and has fun to her heart's content.


Aurora Eternity: Gold's mother who was kind and loving.

Pack History


Recent Location

Gold has most recently been in Sundered Roost, Winterheart Forest.

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Fun Facts

Gold got her name due to the color of her fur.

Her species lives up to14 years old.

Gold and all her ancestors and relatives are natives of Canis. Gold fur runs through their genes.
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