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Emer North (Eeeee-mur North)
Tall (18)
Fur Color
Brown and black
Sex & Gender
Heavy (40 )
3 years (2020-11-01)


[Image: wolverinefavenew.jpg?ex=655c2039&is=6549...2a585e11a&]

The colors of her fur is a mix of light brown and black. Emer's fur is long, thick, and dense, perfect for freezing conditions. Her paws act like snowshoes, and her claws are curved and extremely sharp able to do great damage. As a wolverine she has very strong teeth and jaws that enable her to eat every part of her prey including hooves, bone and teeth. Nothing is wasted. Her tail is very bushy. Her body is thick, muscular, and bear-like. Her eyes are black in color. Emer has an amazing sense of smell, able to smell a dead deer buried six feet under the snow. She also has a keen sense of hearing. Her eyesight is good but not as good as her sense of smell and hearing. As a wolverine, Emer is also a great climber and is adept for being in trees as well as on land. She can run at 31 miles per hour.


As a wolverine, Emer is a survivalist. Her survival instincts guide her in this harsh world. As far as she is concerned predators are fighting for resources such as prey. Wolverines are very familiar with what it takes to survive in the wilderness.

Emer is a pure glutton. She has a large appetite and thus eats to sustain herself. She even keeps a stockpile of food nearby when needed. She eats small mammals, birds' eggs, birds, frogs, berries, fruits, insects, and roots. She also eats the carcasses and frozen carcaasses of large prey like elk, deer, moose, and such. She can easily crush and digest the frozen bones and meat of a carcass. She hunts and scavenges.

She is very brave and determined. She will even dare to trespass on a wolf pack's territory to find food. Competition for prey is tough and claiming prey is considered the norm for wolverines.

Emer is clever and as a wolverine acts accordingly. She even steals food when the opportunity presents itself. She's very intelligent as well.

As a wolverine she has a combative nature when it comes to her survival or her food. But she knows when to step down from dangerous situations.

Emer speaks English and Irish.

She holds great pride in her species. Wolverines can easily withstand the harshest, coldest environments and can easily climb the tallest trees.

By default she is calm and accepting towards other wolverines. Other species she uses high caution (species who are her size or larger). If a wolverine earns her distaste or ire she will either insult, challenge them, or leave them. That said, she behaves at her own discretion.

She is strongheaded and stoic, a true survivor.

Emer is free spirited.

She spends her nights in her cozy dens away from danger. Only creatures her size or smaller can enter her dens.

Emer is set on bearing offspring to continue her bloodline and ensure the survival of her species.


Emer was born to her prideful, aggressive mother, Ire North. Despite this Ire was affectionate towards Emer. She was the only kit in her litter. Ire had plenty of milk to give Emer because she ate constantly, typical of wolverines. Emer was Ire's pride and joy. Part of this was because Emer was Ire's firstborn. When Emer tasted meat for the first time when her mother brought food home, her transformation into a glutton wolverine began. Throughout her childhood Emer learned that the prime language of her bloodline was Irish. She also learned about the Irish knot that was viewed as a positive symbol and that deer was a sacred prey source for her bloodline. As she grew she picked up the ways of her species. Wolverines had to fight for food sources to survive, and competition for prey was fierce. She understood this quickly and was proud of the ways of wolverines. Once Emer reached adulthood Ire's job was done. They split and Emer is now living a free life as a grown wolverine.


Ire North: Emer's mother. An aggressive wolverine who protected Emer with everything she had until she became an adult. She speaks English and Irish.

Pack History


Recent Location

Emer has most recently been in Morðfjall, Northfall.

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Fun Facts

Emer means "swift" in Irish.

Wolverines can live up to 17 years.
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