Played by crowloft
Henri (Ahn-Ree)
Very Short
Fur Color
fawn and cream
Sex & Gender
Extra Light
golden brown
4 years (2019-07-30)
Ethiopian wolf
Once, Henri was a member of a party of adventurers, tasked with an important quest. His party had never been the most…refined, but Henri thought he had been doing a fairly good job of keeping them all alive. He was unusual as far as clerics went; despite deriving power from a god, he didn’t really believe in anything at all. The only time his expression seemed to light with anything besides boredom was when stitching people back together. But then one day, one of their team insisted they respond to a village’s cry for help. They had a werewolf problem. Naturally, Henri tried to warn them against it. But no one listened, and somehow, they ended up with multiple werewolves instead of just one. Hungry, biting werewolves.

The next thing he knew, Henri had woken up on Canis in a wolf body. A weird wolf body, too—figures that he wouldn’t become a typical gray wolf. Fortunately, Henri had always been good at keeping his wits about him. And so with a resigned sigh he set off in search of his party, certain that they, too, had been transported here. Unfortunately.

image reference is stylized; Henri does not actually have hair/bangs
  • light and lean-limbed
  • very short for a gray wolf, but very tall for an Ethiopian wolf
  • unusually pale colouration—his coat is less rusty and more fawn
  • small dark flecks on his face look a bit like freckles
  • three visible scars: notched right ear, scrapes on his right leg, and a bitemark on the scruff of his neck

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Cleric
Tarot: The Devil (reversed)

  • French (native)
  • Common (fluent) - speaks with a heavy French accent, but has no issues communicating in English

@Tafty - Crewmate

[Image: 72859571_nWTNGxregM0KnBz.png]

Recent Location

Henri has most recently been in Furud’s Lake, Highvalley Hollow, Blackwood Reach, Mojito Beach, Somarra.

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