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Oydis Rune (Oy-dis R-ooon)
Tall (14)
Fur Color
Light Brown
Sex & Gender
Medium (23)
Dark brown
4 years (2019-10-10)


[Image: fossagirl1.jpg?ex=65403e81&is=652dc981&h...7fff4cf43&]
Oydis is what is known as a fossa. Her entire fur is light brown, and she has dark brown eyes. Her pupils are slitted. Her body is strong, muscular, and athletic even if she is smaller than other predators such as wolves. She has a long tail and sharp semi retractable claws. She is easily able to climb to the top of the tallest trees very quickly for shelter or safety. She has great eyesight and can easily see at night as well. She also has excellent senses of smell and hearing.


Oydis is able to speak in English and Old Norse. She takes great pride and honor in her Old Norse mythology of creatures and gods.

Oydis is a cautious creature. She has to be because there are larger predators out there and other dangers as well. So being careful is being safe.

Oydis loves to explore and experience nature but will stick to habitats that have trees and isn't so cold. The warmer the better. Her ideal habitat is warm rainforests in which her species thrives in.

She loves to climb trees. After all, she is a fossa and was made to do so. She makes her dens in small caves, hollow trees, and abandoned termite mounds.

Oydis is an excellent hunter with great skill. She goes for small mammals, birds, birds' eggs, insects, fish, lizards, and frogs. She may trespass on claimed land to hunt should the land present suitable prey. She can hunt in the trees, water, or on ground.

She is highly intelligent, and it shows in her speech and actions. She is knowledgeable about many things as well.

As a female fossa, Oydis moves with elegance and grace.

She doesn't mind meeting other animals, but she is most likely to keep a safe distance, though her approach depends on the creature.

She has patience but it is limited. She tends to quip and insult those who anger or annoy her.

She takes pride in her species and can be arrogant due to her pride in fossas.

She keeps herself well-groomed and well-kept in appearance.

She is free spirited and carries herself with dignity.


Oydis was born to a single mother. She was the only one in her litter making her mother's workload easy. As a pup she was taught of Old Norse mythology since her bloodline spoke the language. Her mother would tell her stories in their den. When she became an adolescent she was taught that a female fossa's greatest accomplishment was to rear young. She was told that a male and female would come together then separate. The female would hold the duty of rearing the young, then having another litter. This belief was passed on to many fossas and is deemed normal for her kind, at least that is what she was taught and had seen. She left her mother at the age of 3 years, and is now living a free, adventurous life as a grown fossa.


Mother: Astrid Rune

Pack History


Recent Location

Oydis has most recently been in Saltwoods, Apostles Gate.

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Fun Facts

Fossas live up to 20 years.

Oydis means "goddess of luck" in Old Norse.

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