Played by SeaPoet
Very Tall
Fur Color
brown, cream, and charcoal
Sex & Gender
Very Heavy
Golden sunflower
2 years (2021-07-20)
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king of swords   lawful neutral   estj - the guardian

funny | resourceful | rash | pessimistic | loyal | reliable
 A boy with a smile like the sun, Raenar is a large and attractive man with a humorous nature. Intelligent, creative, and good at coming up with ideas, even if said ideas are not always good ones. He loves determining the strategy of an attack, and preplanning his moves when he can. If that fails, he will improvise by any means possible. He is a warrior, constantly trying to prove himself to be a great warrior like his father before him. A bastard, not born to status, he makes up for his shortcomings by barring his skills on the battlefield. Raenar is considered to be a "matter of fact" guy and does not always follow the words of religion, as he has openly mocked it. He tends to be rash and impatient, however, and his pride often leads to embarrassment. When humiliated, his versatility makes for a heartfelt apology and usually a changing of his ways. Raenar is fiercely loyal to his friends, family, and those who he loves. He is willing to die defending his people, even if he does not stand the smallest chance of winning. Gladly would he lay down his life behind the sword of his teeth before ever allowing anyone to harm those he cares for. Despite his obvious cleverness, Raenar will act as a jester; behaving silly, if not outright stupid. A victim of slapstick, he will often be sent flying or getting struck by things. His future is filled with struggle and anguish, most of it to be self-inflicted. A strong sense of justice, Raenar can become serious and drop the good natured qualities of his personality quickly if someone has wronged those he protects. Raenar is a lover of food, finding it almost impossible to turn down a good meal, meats especially.

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common, valyrian, & norse
fluent in the common tongue as well as valyrian and norse

fresh leather and lavender
Powerful and masculine with sweet notes of floral elements that calm and soothe.

children: none.     mate: none.
 loyal to:
Velaris @Faust
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Recent Location

Raenar has most recently been in Stone Mountain.

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