Played by crowloft
Merel the Blackbird (Meh-Ral)
Fur Color
black-brown with beige accents
Sex & Gender
3 years (2020-06-06)
Gray wolf
  • lean, graceful
  • dark muted browns with black points
  • splash of beige in the middle of her chest--matches the spot on her forehead
  • hazel eyes--a mix of light-brown and grey
  • speaks Romanian & common

  • @Periane - Sister
  • Name - Sister - Open
  • Name - Sister - Open
  • @Beck - Acquaintance

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Merel was born in a rich valley crossed by rivers, where the grass grew tall and the streams were full of fish. Her parents called her Blackbird for her dark pelt and her energetic nature. She was the first-born among four sisters. Life wasn't perfect, but food was always plentiful--and they grew up carefree and happy, running through golden fields and shady boughs. Yet such a land of plenty attracted the eye of many. Many who were not willing to share.

Great metal beasts turned their home to ash, and despite Merel's efforts to keep them together, the four sisters scattered to the four winds. Merel fled east, chased by raging flames and poisonous fumes. The world beyond her now-ruined home was a harsh place. Merel suffered, sometimes at the hands of Men--but more often at the jaws of her own kind. She learned to be sharp and wily, to be hard and cold--but she couldn't forget what it meant to be soft, either, for the world could be as beautiful as it was cruel. She learned to enjoy those moments of beauty as they flitted past, and all the while continued to search for her sisters. Just as she'd given up hope, she caught the scent of one. She followed her all the way to the seashore.

The next thing she remembers is waking up in the shelter of an unfamiliar cove. The smell of her sister has faded, but she's certain she was here. She just hopes she's not too late.

Playful and outgoing, Merel knows she's pretty. She moves with an elegant, refined gait, controlled but confident. She is friendly and polite: at first glance, it would be easy to mistake her as tame and mild. There's a hidden storm in her eyes that betrays that mildness, however. While she rarely seeks out conflict, she has no qualms about finishing it; Merel knows how to use her small size and her grace--and how to take advantage of the fact that she's often underestimated.

Merel is independent and often secretive. Even among her sisters, she tended to keep her own agenda. Although she enjoys company, she tends to try and avoid getting too close. In truth, she's afraid to settle down in a pack again. For one, she doesn't really trust others that easily--oh, she'll be pleasant, but friendliness is not quite the same as being willing to rely on someone else. For another thing, she's afraid of losing everything again. That fear, in part, is what's kept her on the move for so long--even if she doesn't like to admit it.

Recent Location

Merel has most recently been in Little Balm Lake, Crescent Cove.

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