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Played by crowloft
Fur Color
warm light gray
Sex & Gender
dark brown
3 years (2019-10-31)
Gray wolf
[Image: Velyre_WolfS.png]

  • pale, warm gray with faint brown accents
  • dainty and elegant
  • fluff makes her look larger than she actually is
  • her eyes look nearly black in low lighting (it's a bit creepy)

Alignment: True Neutral
MBTI: INTJ (Architect)
Tarot: Death
Zodiac: Scorpio
Flower: Asphodel
Theme: Last Words

[Image: c8298b841c503a1775785b951575f05a.jpg]

In another life, Velyre was known as a witch. When a blight descended upon the shepherds' flocks, the only one brave—or foolish—enough to venture to the witch's hut in the woods was Velyre. At first, she was surprised but grateful that the witch agreed to help. In return, she only asked that Velyre assist her with crafting a cure. She spent a few weeks gathering herbs and fetching water for her. After she returned, the others looked at her differently. She didn't understand why, at first. She tried not to rouse suspicion, but strangeness followed her like a cloud.

Eventually, she resorted to the power she was reviled for. In a moment of desperation, she made a terrible bargain with a darkness in the woods. A loved one's life was saved, but in return, she could never see them again. And so when Velyre awoke, it was in a strange new body. She was trapped in a lonesome world, stripped of what little power she thought she might have. All that remains to her are her memories.

Velyre is not easy to get along with. She is aloof, isolated, and suspicious. She dislikes having her personal space broached by acquaintances, let alone strangers. Her hobbies and interests can also be rather off-putting; she is fascinated by the macabre. Death and gore do not seem to frighten her nearly as much as they probably should; perhaps that is because of her childhood, or perhaps that is just how she is. Especially given that she is now a wolf.

She prefers to understand how things work, and in particular how the body works—anatomical structure and function, physiology, and how that knowledge can be used to help or harm. Though she would prefer to conduct her studies without interacting with others, she (grudgingly) accepts that knowledge will not deliver itself into her lap. Part of it, too, is that she knows she is prone to idleness and laziness if she doesn’t stay on the move.

As much as she hates to admit it, she also knows she is too kind and too soft. She believes herself willing and able to face all the grimness and darkness the world has to offer; indeed, she thinks it is her duty to do so for the sake of those who cannot. She cares deeply for the few she counts among her friends, and she is deeply loyal to them.

As a human, she enjoyed collecting all sorts of interesting specimens and objects. She lost everything upon entering her new life, but this hasn’t stopped her from trying to build up a new collection—rocks, bones, feathers, and so forth. She usually brings her finds to her home in the Saltwoods, though she'll temporarily cache things elsewhere as she goes.


[Image: f438591da8f8472e286568e90d799017.jpg]

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[Image: vel.png]

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Recent Location

Velyre has most recently been in Reclaimed Roots, Banesteppe, Sundance Grove.

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