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Played by crowloft
Very Tall
Fur Color
brown-gray with cream accents
Sex & Gender
4 years (2019-03-07)
Gray wolf
[Image: ilyawolfonly_s.png]

NOTE: image reference is stylized--he does not actually have bangs/hair, and the white specks/flecks are not actually stars, they are just speckles
  • fairly large for a wolf
  • very fluffy
  • darker points on his limbs, tail, and face
  • white flecks/speckles on his back and neck vaguely resemble stars

Alignment: Chaotic Good
MBTI: ISFJ (Defender)
Tarot: The Moon
Zodiac: Pisces
Flower: Poppy
Theme: Outer Wilds (Reprise)

[Image: Ilya_Wolf_2S.png]

Once, Ilya lived among humans. They called him vukodlak--werewolf. He was feared and hated for his nature, and he hated himself for it, too. He tried to fit in. He tried to pretend that he was not a wolf, and when he transformed on the full moon, he hid in his room and lay on the bed like an oversized dog. He wandered from place to place, afraid to get too close to anyone. Yet he was utterly lonely: wolves and humans are pack animals, after all.

Then he was discovered. For a time, he tried to live among wolves instead. He preferred that life in some ways, but there were times when he remembered he had once been a man. On the margin of the forest, he still encountered people--for better or for worse. He fell in love with someone, and sought out what he thought was his only option: to become permanently human. His search brought him to a possible solution. He drank the wolfsbane tea, brewed just as the old book had instructed.

When he awoke, he was an ordinary wolf on Canis. His memories were cloudy and distant, but slowly, they return to him--all underpinned by dread.

If you ask about his background, he would probably just laugh and tell you and he’s not a very interesting person. Patient, mild, funny, and just generally a nice fellow, Ilya is humble and reserved. He genuinely just wants to help people however he can. Beneath his plain and boring exterior, he is similarly plain and boring. However, he does have some secrets.

For one thing, he is also secretly an alien investigator. He has always been fascinated by the mysterious and paranormal, and he has been quietly collating data on extraterrestrials in his spare time. He is naturally curious and a bit eccentric at times. His strange awakening in Canis has not dampened that fascination; if anything, he's even more convinced that there exists something beyond the terrestrial world.

For another thing, he is also very lonely. He had little biological family to speak of, with his mother having passed away at a young age and a father who was pretty abysmal at being a father. He values the friends he does have very highly, and is loyal to a fault. He struggles with self-esteem, though, and he tends not to value himself–something that can have negative consequences on his relationships with other people. Ultimately, all he wants is to bring something good to the world. He wants to believe that he can leave things a better place than when he got here--that there is more to himself and his life than his trauma.


[Image: 61f129304399242cba69145ae3b50886.jpg]

[Image: f687e21acf559ce53b956ba3f14d2d93.jpg]

[Image: 8e01b8d5173483fc79dca5052a1a2856.jpg]

[Image: 1bcf7929406399a3c3d9d15b96cf1013.jpg]

Recent Location

Ilya has most recently been in Gomeisa’s Ruins, Mojito Beach.

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the 'I' in Ilya is for idiot

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