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About Me

Hihi, my name's haru! I am a 21-year-old college student majoring in animal science with a focus on veterinary medicine. I love to write so am always open to meeting new people and writing with them. My characters are all rated 3-3-3. I've been a roleplayer for about nine years now, give or take. This also means I am a hobby writer, meaning I write when I can and have the muse to. I generally take 3-5 days to write replies, but don't hesitate to give me a nudge if I take longer !

I find mutual respect to be a major part of roleplaying and may drop a roleplay if I feel there is a lack of respect for each other, but I generally do try to discuss it with my writing partners.
None of my characters are a representation of myself. What my characters say, think, or believe does not align with what I think or believe. With that said, if anything they say makes you uncomfortable or offends you, please tell me. This hobby is meant to be enjoyable, and I highly prioritize communication when it comes to writing with others.
Consent is a major piece of collaborating for me. I will always ask permission before having my character do something to yours, whether that be an injury or forming bonds. I prioritize asking permission before doing anything to another's character as a show of respect, and simply ask that it be reciprocated. My characters are rated 3-3-3, but I only go as far as my partner is comfortable with.

Gender: female - she/her
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