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Played by Gryff
Betelgeuse (beetlejuice)
Average (36)
Fur Color
White, striped in black
Sex & Gender
Male — Nonbinary (he/they)
Medium (65)
A mucky, wild green
5 years (2019-02-07)
NPC STATUS (circa 11/27/21):
  • Hangs out with the rats, particularly Err
  • Shadows Vengeance and presumed near him for pack meetings
  • Generally keeps to himself but not above pranking or haranguing packmates
  • A decent pupsitter despite his whole deal


— by Noki!

If he was clean, it'd be obvious he is white with black blanketing his back and ticking down the rest of his body in a vague striped pattern, but he's usually covered with filth, so someone might mistake him as being brown instead. He has a wild black tuft of hair on the top of his head that refuses to be flattened. His eyes are the brightest part of him, green of the pond scum hue.


" All I want is for someone, ANYONE to look my way and say 'Hey, I see you, I accept you, I fear for my safety around you—' "

Betelgeuse is freed from the conventions of life, living out his undead? existence without filter or regret. He eats, sleeps, flirts with anything that moves, takes risks that seem foolhardy and downright dangerous, all with a carefree, nihilistic air. He arrives to Canis believing that he's dead. A ghost? Or a demon? Or some kind of cambion? He's being pretty vague about the details, but he thinks he's not alive. Nevertheless, he has a pretty strong connection to the spiritual world and a lot of knowledge, some he's more willing to share than others.

— Code by Aso

Recent Location

Betelgeuse has most recently been in Blackwood Reach, Little Balm Lake, Hazy Pasture, Temperate.

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Fun Facts

Known Languages
— English
— Anything else is a LIE
Like the smell of a bloated zebra that a lion ripped apart but didn't eat because something was obviously wrong with it and is now just rotting in the hot African sun
— really likes bugs! likes looking at them, playing with them, eating them, letting them crawl on his fur-
— a surprisingly good actor, which he only uses for shits and giggles
— unabashedly pansexual; flirts with anyone he considers pretty despite himself looking like garbage
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07-15-2024 at 11:56 PM
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