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dusty rose
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Extra Light
green w gold flecks
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"He was spring, golden and bright. Envious death would drink his blood, and grow young again."

Crafted from the delicate kisses of the mettlesome sun herself; Achilles is the proudly cupped embodiment of life and its feverishly coloured existence. Draped in the cloaked hues of dusty roses and unfurling dawns, he is not unaware of his unconventional beauty. Different shades clamour upon his canvas, pallid chest hairs and burnt hips, a singular ear targeted by the shade whilst his wispy tail is dipped in the light; existing in harmony to paint his existence.

A slender figure with an agile gait, it is a surprise to find it so hardened by protectively coiled muscle and even further so to see him participate in the mystifying dance of war. And supported by deft paws skilled in both the sins of drawing blood and the atonements of healing the unfortunate.
 The scintillate of eyes not unlike the most verdant days of early spring, flecked through with exotic gold and always uncannily vigilant top it off; our sunborn prince.

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A princely enigma sums Achilles up rather well.

He is a being of pride; enjoying the thrill of second glances, awe, respect and believes he most definitely deserves it. And yet, a boy of such honesty and a complete lack of tact- it is hard to hate him for it. He would admit to these wishes in a heartbeat and fall victim to genuine confusion if sneered at for such high self standards, if he is beautiful and talented why is it odd to expect such a thing? A being of high intelligence yet drastically naive, he does not know how to lie or to conceal a single emotion to prowl across his face.

His confidence is palpable and it is not uncommon for his lack of a filter to set others on edge but upon getting to know the little prince it is clear to see that he pursues truth over menace or trickery; any disdain or jealousy he might ever feel will never be a secret. And yet he possesses an undeniable charisma in his feverish curiosity and childish awe for what snatches his attention. Consequences are not considered and the future and past are not things to dwell on, he thrives in the present and allows his impulsive tendencies to land him head first in many a mess.


mother reiko
father undisclosed sun god
sorta half siblings hotaru, haruki*
most trusted patroclus

* - unknown

Recent Location

Achilles has most recently been in The Oasis, The Badlands.

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Fun Facts

Achilles claims and believes he is fathered by a God and in turn has such blood humming within his own veins.
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