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ᛏᚺᛖ ᚠᚨᛚᛚᛖᚾ ᛋᚾᛟᚹ ᛩᚢᛖᛖᚾ.

Played by Middy
Valkyrie Gabrielle DeGrave
Very Tall (40)
Fur Color
Powder White
Sex & Gender
Female — Female x Bi-Sexual
Heavy (115)
Ocher brown
4 (18 December, 2017)
Northwestern wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis)


". . . It's all in your face, I see a break."

Valkyrie is a brute of a woman, standing as tall as a wolf can she towers over the general population most of the time, her fur is as white and pristine as fresh snow on a winters day. Her fur is short and thick, keeping her warm in her most cherished weather and snow storms, Valkyrie is quite a fan of cold stormy weather and loves to watch everything disappear.

Throughout time the fallen queen has come across many trials and tribulations, one such encounter with a lynx caused the woman to loose her right ear and gain scars across the bridge of her nose and across her right hip. The fur has mostly grown back around the area but the marks can still be seen fairly clear, always red with the reminder of her past battle.

After her fall from grace the woman was plagued with terrible voices and shifts in her personality which caused her to believe she was possessed by demons. As a result she attempted to give herself a lobotomy, it failed and left her with a decent sized scar on each eye eyebrow.

". . . It's like the sound of winter."


". . . The bleeding of love, The silent escape."

Highly intelligent.

". . . You've got to hang on to yourself."


". . . It's like the sound of winter."

Valkyrie grew up in a strict, average, royal house. The DeGraves we're harsh but fair rulers. This didn't fit the Shieldmaidens agenda so she left.

Valkyrie was a lone wolf most of her life after this, finding peace in her mate Yuji after arriving in a vast expanse of lands filled with numerous packs and opportunities. They joined the stronghold and shortly after Valkyrie was promoted to leader. The pack didn't survive long and at her fall from power and the loss of her mate the Norwegian woman lost her mind. Giving way to another personality,Vigdis the war goddess, who she occasionally will shift into during times of extreme duress or under the pressure of battle.

All time had seemed frozen to her until she woke up in canis.

". . . Medusa smiles and Judas lips. Open arms and finger tips."

Pack History

". . . Love bites, and recompense. I'll be with you until the end."

Leader of the stronghold: -1 year.
Lone wolf: Present.

". . . Let's walk though the fire together."



Fun Facts

". . . Disappear in the golden sands.."

Valkyrie is fluent in Norwegian and Swedish.
Valkyrie smells of ice and mint.
Valkyrie is a skilled guard and warrior in battle she is also an efficient spy.
Valkyrie is from royalty back home and from where she was, and as such has a very high opinion of herself.
Dispute her brutish nature and appearance, Valkyrie is a sucker for small gestures of affection.

". . . It's all in your face, I see a break.."
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