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Dog - Collie


A dark-brown and white border collie, muscled but comparatively lacking in body weight. One's attention is frequently drawn to his snout. Small scars and signs of rubbing are most evident, upon closer inspection his nostrils stand out as being more open than is typical. While his sense of smell is not notably compromised, he is more sensitive to smells as a result. His nose is more easily overwhelmed than is typical, becoming particularly less effective where there is noise or covering of scent.

Except for the least perceptive creatures, it is evident there is something wrong with Cocaine; Especially when paired with his demeanor. He carries himself confidently, yet with a sour disposition at most times, as if he is always stressed or unnerved about something. Not exactly grumpy, but 'on edge'. "Dangerous" is a good word to call him, but it's hard to answer "Dangerous to whom?".


Cocaine is stand-offish, hating to back down or show fear, but smart enough to know when he must do so, which is sure to plant seeds of resentment and thoughts of revenge. He prefers to command respect, and doesn't hesitate to show that he deserves it or that he can be trusted. If anything you should be careful what you wish for when you make friends with Cocaine...

Revenge is more important to Cocaine than loyalty, though he prefers to have the two work together. The enemy of my enemy, as they say. You don't need to trust others, just that they want the same thing that you do, and you can be more sure of this in time. Revenge has a strong risk of consuming Cocaine, especially under the influence of the drug he is named for. Missions, ideals, even his own life - Revenge can eclipse any of them...

Under the surface, it is a mystery... Pierced through only the most emotional of situations, or under the influence of Coca Leaf. He is said to open up best when he is eating on the drug, but this requires feeling safe around someone as well... More powerful doses are more effective at opening him up, but come with their own problems... He is a mystery to unravel, that is for sure.


Cocaine was the family pet and farm dog of a South American farmer, eating from the crops as well as sharing in smoking with his master and master's children on occasion. Life was good, his puppyhood spent around teenage kids that had gone off to college... and the money from drug running kept everyone happy. Cocaine got into a few scraps, but largely his master's gun handled taking out tresspassers. He just had to be alert, and the cocaine helped with that.

Even Cocaine doesn't seem to remember what went down "`That day", as he refers to a mysterious day... or perhaps longer than just one day. Whatever happened, it was so terrible that his mind, or his brain, do their best... but fail, to forget about it. Coca leaves beyond their chemical effect bring him peace, undercut with worry at the same time... worry that is the seed of nightmares. Even during the day, certain things like loud noises from above; especially of birds can stun him, and he mentions things like 'Helicopters", "PMCs", "Americans" or "Russians".

It is rare for Cocaine to dwell on what these things are, making unravelling the mystery that much harder... if it should be unraveled at all, rather than forgotten.

Cocaine's native world he was born in the year 1971; with the events of "That Day" happening shortly following the Vietnam War in 1976-1977; shortly after which he ended up in Canis.



Fun Facts

Cocaine likes to be called nicknames, whether by friend, foe, or neither.

Cocaine likes to use military terminology; both straight lifted from humans, or increasingly as he ventures through Canis, adapted some to fit a natural setting.

Cocaine arrives with a satchel containing enough coca leaves to feed his habit, and enough seed to potentially make a farm.
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