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Ragnar Stormborn
Tall (36)
Fur Color
Cream, Blonde & Gold
Sex & Gender
Heavy (135)
Icy Blue
3 Years (5 May, 2018)
Makenzie, Yukon & Great Plains


True Neutral
Salt, Rocky & Musty Earth

 Ragnar Archer is born a handsome pup, twinned to his sister Freyja. Watching the way his mother moves, he grows to adopt a natural finesse and charming disposition. As a teen, he is tall and leggy, thin with a sign for great stamina and speed much as his sister. Though as he ages to adulthood Ragnar thickens out, adding bulk and power to his structure. In battle, Ragnar would be more akin to a cut-throat or sellsword type, as opposed to a barbarian or paladin. His voice is a gruff tone, his words precise and rarely does he raise it above a calm, civil tone unless truly provoked. Dominating when needed, though smooth when seen best.
 As natural for twins, both Ragnar and his sister sport very similar coat colors. The differences are subtle, for where they both have cream and blonde hues, Freyja hasmore white where Ragnar has gold. The golden hues start at his ears and along his nape, shoulders and on the outside of his legs. His belly and throat hold the lightest of creme color. His fur is long and dense, sticking out in places along his nape, cheeks and elbows to bring out a move 'scruffy' appearance. A small yet deep notched scar cuts through the end edge of his left brow. His eyes are a pale yet bright blue like glaciers, both icy and intense. They are very expressive, with a stare made to capture, revealing both passion, strength and mystery.


Likes adventure, sparring, thunderstorms, history, mountains, smell of the sea, strong-minded women
Dislikes squirrels, close-mindedness, cowardice, mockery of religion, rudeness, hasty judgement

 Ragnar is a very observant and inquisitive wolf, using his time wisely to understand another by more than just what is spoken. Ragnar learns from a very young age that in order to learn one must watch and listen. Though he may take some time to trust another in a truly unshakable manner that does not mean he cannot befriend them. He is the type of wolf to have many allies and many acquaintances but few he considers 'close'. He thinks before speaking and before doing for he is not a rash wolf and because his words and actions are thought out, he doesn’t second-guess himself. He pours himself into his actions, into his deeds, because he rightly believes a wolf is defined by what he does.
 Ragnar is a believer in 'the gods of old' like many Archers, even to the point where he believes he is descended from them, but he doesn’t blame the gods for his misfortune or even thank them for his victories. His limitations to the gods are in knowing they exist and watch over him, as Ragnar is a man who is acutely aware of his own free will. He would like to believe that his accomplishments are due to his own hard work and skill, not because he was blessed or it was fate.
 The sheer footed and quick witted man finds comfort amongst the slopes and enjoys the look of the world down below him. This is from both his time spent on The Wall, his desire to continue testing his abilities and his own dominant and prideful nature. Ragnar Archer, all in all, aspires to be a wolf remembered. He craves a purpose in life, a duty and looks to continually further his knowledge of the lands and be good to his pack and his family.


— Born in Willow Ridge May 2018 along side his twin sister, Freyja.
— Joins his cousin Sven on a long scouting mission around Relic Lore and grows a fondness for travel & lore.
— Some months after he turns a year old and is able to know his younger siblings, Ragnar disperses from his birth pack.
— Early into his travel he meets Frigg & Sindri and they become traveling partners.
— They go to Torbine, the motherland of Archers and take residence on The Wall.
— As summer arrives, Frigg & Sindri ask Ragnar to father their pups and he agrees.
— Shortly after both Frigg and Sindri give birth, Frigg passes away. Sindri and Ragnar then decide when the pups are old enough they will begin a new life and adventure with their new family.

 Ragnar Stormborn Mizuno-Archer was born May 5th of 2018 within the den which Enoki had given birth to her first litter. He and his twin were during a horrible thunderstorm, this being how both he and his sister acquired the middle name 'Stormborn'. He is both Ravenna's and Blitz' (and Elias) first born child and first born son, grandson of the late and famous Elettra Archer. For his first three weeks of life Ragnar remains in the birthing den with his sister Freyja, mother and his often visiting father, learning their voices, their scent and the features of their faces. He is introduced to the rest of the pack, including two other children and at this point is then relocated to the Infirmary den inside the Pack's cave. With two more 'siblings' and Leotie being introduced as a 'guide mother' Ragnar comes to learn early in youth he has a lot of family to protect and care he and his sister. This wanting for nothing and consistent support brings about a confidant, proud and happy puppy.
 As Ragnar ages and listens, the more he comes to understand and learn. The more confident and curious of the world around him he becomes. When his age-mate kin, Avella and Scully, disappear from the pack, Ragnar joins his cousin on a scouting mission to look for them. His desire to travel the world beyond his little paradise grows and he knows now he will not stop until he has conquered it all. Once Ragnar becomes a yearling and his new siblings have grown to their fourth moon, just as his mother expected, he decides to leave his birth pack in Willow ridge in order to venture out on his own.
 Not long into his solo journey he is met with a couple by the name of a Frigg and Sindri. From here on out the trio made way together and eventually came to the peninsula of Torbine where Ragnar's family bloodline, the Archers, originated from. It is here that he learns to become quite the cut throat and then decides to join the division of wolves on The Wall. With time and age it is learned that he is not just brawn but brains as well and becomes an ambassador for those watchers on the wall. When summer arrives he is met with an offer to grant Frigg and Sindri pups of their own. Ragnar agrees with the stipulation that he is not just a donor, but known as their father and be given the name 'Stormborn' in order to secure a lineage of his own. The agreement is met with ease and soon Ragnar becomes a father of five at a young age. As it were, they came to Torbine at a harsh time, it being currently lead by Aerys, the Mad King. They are called to battle and Frigg ends up injured, living only a few days later long enough to both give and watch the birth of her pups. After this terrible happening and as the Empire's war ends, Ragnar and Sindri agree when the pups are old enough to leave and create anew elsewhere with their new family.


Mate: None
Sons: Asgeir (2019, w/ Frigg) ??? (2019, w/ Sindri)
Daughters: Elentari, Aslaug, Ynness (2019, w/ Frigg)

Father: Blitz Mizuno & Elias Selwyn
Mother: Ravenna Archer-Lyall
Brothers: Ambrose, Grangier & Lysander
Sisters: Freyja & Ketsia
(other siblings unknown by him)

Pack History

Willow Ridge
Pup — (5/5/18 - 5/5/19)
Yearling — (5/5/19 - 7/4/19)

Torbine Empire:
Wall Keeper — (9/12/19 - )

Fun Facts

[Image: Rag1.jpg]
— Ragnar's name follows a common occurrence in Archer pup names from Viking history and Norse mythology. Others with names like this in his family include Freyja, Odin, Skoll and Hati.
— Ragnar's and Freyja's blonde fur and blue eyes are very rare for Archer wolves, thus their appearance coming from Elias side of the family, Selwyn.
— As Ragnar ages he will come to understand that he has two fathers. It is something he learns is a common act and has no indifference towards this though due to the fact that Blitz is the active father in his life, takes to him above Elias.
—"Stormborn" is Ragnar's middle name, though since turning a year old uses this is his last name. He wishes to be his own wolf, create his own path without others initially judging him based on the name of Archer, Lyall, Mizuno or even Selwyn alone.
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