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Larke Lynx Holt
Fur Color
offwhite and grey
Sex & Gender
Large (90)
pearly blue
1.5 (13 October, 2019)


"I am flesh and I am bone
Arise, ting ting, like glitter and gold"

Larke resembles a badger at most, a dog dipped in paint at least. His fur is an offwhite, fluffy, covering his already chubby body. On that white he has grey on his face, spanning from under his eyes all the way down his cheeks and to his lips. The back of his ears are also covered, meeting up in a sheet down his neck and back all the way to his tail, which is covered in that same grey as well. His eyes, those are a tight mix of green and blue splashing together to make something turquoise.

Larke is a pretty small dude, not the smallest wolf out there, but still small. He's a pretty chunky wolf, though somehow it doesn't affect his weight too much, nor his health.

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"I've got fire in my soul
Rise up, ting ting, like glitter"

The first thing strangers can comprehend about this boy is that he doesn't seem to stick to one feeling for very long before switching to the next one. He thinks about so many things at once that it tends to bleed into his facial expressions and his emotions, of which Larke has a hard time hiding from most others. Larke is judgemental, when he thinks something about you it is hard to change it, even with the best efforts. First impressions mean a lot to him, and that is apparent in the way he (tries) to act within them.

Larke does tend to be mean, even to those he is close with. It is a trait he dislikes but a disgusting habit he can't get rid of. Part of this is him trying to chase others off before they get the chance to leave him - everyone does, in the end. Who's next is the real question. His abandonment spurs from adults leaving or dying, and him ending up having to fend for himself. Due to this, the boy has a hard time speaking about himself to anyone, or telling them anything important about his life even if he absolutely needs to. He wants to talk to others, and explain why he is the way he is, but he just can't.

He doesn't want to become his parents, or the packmate that left him and his cousin behind. Larke does not want to become an abandoner. Everyone has to leave others behind sometimes, and Larke breaks with the thoughts that he has, indeed, had to leave family behind in the past.

Bad days are bad days, and Larke has them. He lashes out, hides from the others, doesn't want to do anything for hours or even days. Be patient with him and he'll come out, he'll stop being mean and follow back into the light. Some days are a struggle, but it happens to the best.

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"Do you ponder the manner of things
In the dark?
The dark, the dark, the dark"

Born to a mother who quickly abandoned him and a father who was absent, Larke didn't have a good start right from the get-go. Despite that, he loved everyone in the Brotherhood and all of his family. When Finni died and his mother left him behind, was when the dam broke. The boy grew to hate his mother and the rest of those that left the pack behind. Soon after this, Benvolio took him and his cousin traveling to find a new home.

They ended up in the mountains, and while the adults talked Larke and Octavia went to find something to eat. When they got back, Benvolio was gone and they were shoved into the Foresti Realm. Larke hated it there, hated all of their members except for one. Within a few months, he was able to take care of himself and left the back (and his cousin) behind as fast as possible. It broke him, but he couldn't stay there. Being in the mountains hurt his health, and Larke was not looking to die without having a chance to live.

After he traveled for some time, Larke ran into another group of wolves, hunting. There was a famine going on and Larke was having trouble caring for himself. He ended up running into his father and the leader of the Twilight Vanguard. He found out Aksel was his father, and after lashing out, and then having a proper conversation, Larke chose to join the pack. Larke never grew close with the other members, but then the leader died and most of the pack left after his death.

Aksel had to rebuild the pack on his own, and Larke helped as his second in command, recruiting when he could and doing what he could to help. The pack chose to leave the redwoods they claimed, and somehow woke up in Canis along the way.

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Nanna - Mother
Aksel Holt - Father

Holly Hyacinth Holt - Sister
Talis Allison - Adoptive Sister(?)

Octavia Nym - Cousin

Other Relationships:
Rush - Friend, a member he recruited into the pack himself.

Talis Allison - Someone he sees as an older sister at this point, someone his father brought in before they made home in the redwoods and left once again. A good healer.

Pack History

- Firewing Brotherhood (October 13th, 2019 - Jan 5th, 2020)
- Foresti Realm (February 3rd, 2020 - March 12th, 2020)
- Twilight Vanguard (April 7th, 2020 - February 28th, 2021)

Fun Facts

Freshly cut grass
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