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Angelus (An-gel-us )
Fur Color
Shades of black, gray, and silvery.
Sex & Gender
3.5 (5 August, 2019)
Grey Wolf

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Angel is lean, wiry, and thin - not quite emaciated, but most certainly not a healthy weight either. Her ribs are clear beneath her thin fur, but so are her corded muscles. She is quite athletic despite her appearance. Angel's fur is the deep grey of woodsmoke overlaid with sooty black and silvery grey. It's short and thin but soft in texture, and Angel is always careful to keep it perfectly glossy and clean, a habit picked up from her late mate. Scars litter her pelt, and she's missing a third of her left hind leg.
Angel smells of smoke and ashes, the scent of her late mate. It isn't overwhelmingly clear, but if you're sniffing you can also smell a hint of dahlia flowers.


"I don't fight for much, but I would fight for you."

Angel is a wolf full of contradictions. She is loving, until she's not. She's cruel and ruthless and vicious. . .until she's lost. Her former acquaintances would describe her as a wretched, cold, unfeeling wolf, but that's only because Angel chooses to present herself that way. And, well, also because she completely deserves it.

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Angel is a mimic. When meeting strangers, she often analyzes their personality and does her best to copy it. It's a self-defense mechanism, and one she's used since childhood. However, mimic is boring, in her eyes, and once she's bored of copying the other wolf she reverts to her real personality. Crass, satirical, and sarcastic, Angel doesn't spare any courtesy for mere strangers.


"What, scared again? Am I really that intimidating? You wound me, truly."

Cold, cruel, and manipulative, Angel isn't afraid to do whatever it takes in order to get what she wants. She's known to be ruthless and viciously efficient in removing. . .obstacles. . . from her path, and her creativity knows no bounds when it comes to success. She is also adaptive to changing circumstances, able to change her mindset in the blink of an eye. Angel is a powerful ally and a dangerous enemy.

"You took my love, and now I'll take every life you've ever cared about."

Despite her lifetime of experience, Angel's weakness is strategy. She is impulsive and fiery-tempered and has trouble seeing the bigger picture. Her rash willingness to leap into any challenge without hesitation is what got her mate killed, and Angel will forever resent herself for that. Constantly knowing that her foolishness is what painted a target on his back eats away at Angel, and it's caused her to become even more short-tempered and unpredictable.

". . .then I'd tear off your fur and hang it like a flag from some tree branch. As a warning, because don't think I haven't smelt Lidon's filthy spawn all over you. You would make a beautiful trophy. Just picture it. . .your white fur, streaked with gore, fluttering in the wind."

Though Angel may be cruel and antagonistic, she is fiercely possessive and protective over those she chooses to love - very, very few wolves. Alliances with Angel are always tentative; she wouldn't hesitate to kill any of her allies in their sleep (and, in fact, she hasn't hesitated in the past). But if you win her love, you win her eternal devotion.



Angel was born into a cult-like, nomadic pack known as the Coventry. From the moment he could speak, she was voicing her (loud) (unpopular) opinion on the subject of the Coventry's cultness. Angel hated being confined by the rules of her elders, she hated being surrounded by wolves obsessed with special flowers, of all things, and, most of all, Angel hated the twisted segregation she faced simply because she was assigned an ominous title at birth.

So when the opportunity arose to co-lead a revolution, Angel was nothing short of thrilled. A mysterious stranger promised Angel freedom, and in exchange, Angel convinced her best friend, Fallow, to help stage a dramatic accident involving Angel's brother Dark and a shallow river.

On the night of their staging, it stormed. The winds were violent and unpredictable, but despite Fallow's rightful concern, Angel insisted they carry on. They led Dark to the edge of the river. . .but Angel slipped, and as she fell, she knocked Dark into the river. The river, once shallow, was storm-swollen and too deep and violent for Dark to escape.

Angel watched Dark drown, and found while doing so that she felt no remorse. At first she thought that something was wrong with her, and she turned to consult Fallow, who was shedding silent tears of horror. Fallow took one look at the apathy on Angel's face and panicked, assuming she had been betrayed and this was part of the plan all along. The two "exchanged words". Fallow walked away with a near-fatal wound, and Angel was left alone, numb and terrified of her own actions.

That same night, the mysterious stranger who had originally convinced Angel to turn on her pack reappeared. While half the pack was busy searching the storm for Angel, Dark, and Fallow, he murdered the Coventry's alpha and spread Angel's fur around the scene. Then he disappeared, smug and satisfied.

Come morning, Angel was missing, and Angel's mother - the alpha - was dead, and Angel's fur was all over her dead mother's body. Naturally, the Coventry blamed Angel, and they sent Angel's siblings to retrieve her for questioning.

Through Fallow, Angel's remaining siblings had already found out about Dark. The way Fallow told the story - shaking and terrified - Splash and Dahlia believed that Angel had killed Dark in cold blood. They were not hard pressed to blame their mother's death on Angel, too.

They cornered her in a warehouse, and they crippled her, and they left her for dead.

But Angel did not die.


To Be Expanded



Biological Father: Euphrates of the Coventry
Mother: Lilith of the Coventry
Step-Mother (replacing father): Seraphim of the Coventry
Siblings: Dahlia (deceased), Dark (deceased), Splash

Mate: Lucifer (deceased) (this happened in roleplay and I swear I had no knowledge of the irony until months after they'd met)
Biological Daughter: Eve (abandoned)
Adopted Daughter: Rio (presumed deceased - missing)


She doesn't do associates.




Fun Facts

Languages Known: English, broken French, and a couple random words in Russian

Random Dislike: crabs. get the crabs away you absolute freak

Art Credits: all mine except for the last image, which is by LizDalmp
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