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Kohaku “Haku” Hirano 琥珀 平野
Very Tall (38)
Fur Color
Piebald black and white
Sex & Gender
Very Heavy
Heterochromia: light blue/dark blue
2 (27 April, 2020)
Nothing beats kindness, it sits quietly beyond all things.

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T H E . G E N T L E
3.3.3 Rated Character


The truth is everyone is winging it.

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Male · II · Loner · Single

Build: large and bulky, muscular
Gait: light and tender-footed despite his size
Scent: a grove of flowers and warm fur

One of our greatest freedoms is how we react to things.

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kind · humble · obsessive · polite · spiteful · protective · observant · self destructive · passionate · introverted · calm

Imagine how we would be if we were less afraid.

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Mate – none
Glances toward – Corinne
Orientation – heterosexual

Positive relationships
corinne | name | name

Neutral relationships:
name | name | name

Negative relationships:
name | name | name

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This storm will pass.

001. prefers to be called “Haku” by his friends, his full name is reserved for only family.
002. slouches often in order to seem smaller than he is.
003. infp - the mediator
004. likes: weather patterns, insects, birds and their bright coloration.
005. dislikes: Blood, pollen, using power to hurt others.
006. has known Corinne since puphood.
007. fact
008. fact
009. fact
010. fact


[Image: image0.png]

Kohaku has a significantly imposing appearance with a height of 38” at the shoulder and a body well shaped, defined by accumulated layers of muscle. Most of his body is covered by a black fur coat that centers on his face, neck, chest, and legs, but much of his barrel features a white coloration. He is quite the physically gifted specimen, appearing lean and athletic, with a pelt of fur that is every bit as soft and shiny as silk like his mother’s.

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Kohaku, or as he prefers to be called, Haku is primarily a soft-spoken, polite individual with an outwardly gentle personality, traits which starkly contrast with his frightening bodily appearance. Owing to his formidable size, the boy is often very hypersensitive of his own presence and the menacing nature of his stature. He does what he can to downplay his enormity and will typically slouch while sitting or standing in an effort to better coexist. That is not to say however, that he is opposed to using his size as an advantage or acting as a mediator between right and wrong when he needs to. Awkward in his mannerisms, he tends to maintain a noticeable distance from others, with the intent of generally avoiding attention and interaction altogether. The strong silent nature that the boy has possessed often hides his quiet contemplation, a gift for observation in unfolding others through the small hints they giveaway.

Beyond his deliberately expressionless demeanor and persistently tranquil facade, his innards riffle with a considerable degree of spite and self-loathing. Knowledge of his parent’s past and the bloodshed that has painted their lives has led him to feel isolated, fearful that he too will become a puppet for someone else’s war. As Haku does not march to the same drums of strife as some of his kin do, he decidedly began favoring his own company from a young age. Despite his reluctance to partake in blood games or battles, cowardice is not in the boy’s vocabulary, and he is very capable of being quite imposing and assertive when needed. He is more than willing to stick his neck out for others, and his relentless good-doer morals will act accordingly to the situation.

Haku, apart from being kindhearted and supportive can also be strict and high-strung, especially in cases where he feels there is an injustice unfolding. Apart from a rare surge of stubbornness, he is a considerably empathetic individual who treats others with the same levels of respect. He is highly capable of understanding the struggles of others, and oftentimes tries to view situations from alternate points of view. Gifted with a wisdom that is perhaps far beyond his years, he possesses a great deal of maturity and is practiced in patience, even with those who follow a vastly different creed. The ever powerful roots of the elderich tree are without doubt entangled around him, enlightened with their influence.



Fun Facts

- Prefers to be called Haku by his friends, his full name is reserved for only family
- Slouches often in order to seem smaller than he is.
- Likes: Weather patterns, insects, birds and their bright coloration.
- Dislikes: Blood, pollen, using power to hurt others.

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