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About Me


Early 30s — Gamer — Coffee-Addict — Baker


Primary Characters
Stjörnuáti — link
  — Uncouth, savage Viking who can be aggressive but is usually not
  — Has a raven friend who hangs around him named Synin
  — Claiming Mordfjall for Hrafnsvaktin

Esmerelda — link
  — Silver-tongued druid with an affinity for the mystic
  — 98% gay, very flirtatious
  — Helping found Ironborn

Persephone — link
  — So sweet she'll make your teeth rot, but equally unsure of herself
  — Loves children, flowers, and storytelling/singing
  — Lost at the moment, last seen tagging along after Rosencrantz

Secondary Characters
Alina — link
  — Aggressively bitchy, very not nice
  — Will: probably hate you, goad you into violence, deliberately piss you off; you have been warned
  — Hanging around Nightwalkers, annoying the piss out of Vengeance

Jesuite — link
  — Gentle and kind, very levelheaded
  — Tormented by memories she can't quite remember; misses family she can't recall the names or faces of
  — Traveling alone; Not good at being a solitary creature

Keres — link
  — Protective of her home and family, touch any of them and face her hidden wrath
  — Has loved and lost; Knows what's worth fighting for
  — Lives upon The Nameless Mountain in Empyrean; Hydra is her bestie

Things You Should Know

  • I do not plot everything out. I don't enjoy mapping out how a character's life or even how a thread will go. I far prefer plotting loose ideas/outlines, and find joy in throwing a character into a situation and seeing what happens.
  • I do not mind my characters getting injured or even killed, if the situation calls for it. Don't powerplay my characters without my permission, please.
  • I will post to my threads as I have the drive to. Sometimes, it's easier for me to write in one thread versus another and I will end up posting where it is easiest. I will do my best to make sure that I reply to our threads at least once a week.
  • IC =/= OOC. If my character is a shithead, it's because that's their personality. It has nothing to do with my personal feelings. Please don't take it that way. If you are ever unsure, my DMs are always open for you to ask/clarify.
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