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About Me


Early 30s — Gamer — Coffee-Addict — Baker
Name: Valkyrie
Hair Color: Varies, currently blue & yellow
Eye Color: Hazel, majority green
Personality Traits: Friendly, good (slightly dark) sense of humor, morbidly curious, generally happy, trust issues, bad memory, believer of second chances, anxious, unsure of self.
Hobbies: I play videogames, I like to read, and travel.
Fur Babies: One dog, a mini-australian shepherd named Pixel, and two cats, a tortie named Lily and a wacky creature named Yuca
RP History: jeez. probably like 20 something years now, easily 20+ sites over the many years. I've been on Wolves of the Underworld, Northern Boundaries, Distant Whispers, Wild Wolf Society, WOLF, State Alchemy (versions 1 & 2).

I have personally run the following communities: From the Ashes, Jaydis, Risk, Dare, What Lies We Breathe, Canis Major (present).There are more sites but the ones I've mentioned are the most notable. I find a certain joy in running/helping run a community that serves as a happy home for so many, so being a part of the Canis team is a dream.

Personal Rules

I play a large variety of characters, from cinnamon roll sweeties to burn-in-hell bitches and everything in between. My characters' opinions are not my own. They are also sometimes unreliable narrators and will think about things as they see them. If what my character does/says affects you negatively, or if you feel any type of way about it, please reach out to me directly. I would be happy to clear things up.

Generally, I don't plot anything out. I start threads and characters with ideas in mind but I try not to box myself in, incase something doesn't pan out the way I thought it would. I prefer that things happen organically, so even if you have an endgame in mind, we can throw things at each other and if it works, it works. If I feel like it's not working, I'll reach out to you and we can figure things out together!

I allow and am fine with most powerplays, up to and including minor/non-scarring injuries, as long as everything you powerplay my character doing is within their personality. If I feel like the powerplay doesn't work for me/my character, I will let you know so we can adjust it and find something that works for both of us.

Post Speed & Length
Both my post speed and post length vary greatly. Canis is not my priority in life, so oftentimes I will get distracted with real life stuff. Other times, I will post like a speed demon. I do not try and match post length, and don't expect anyone to match my post length either.

I do not personally specify which characters of mine I prioritize because it constantly changes for me. Some days, I'll be in a mindset for one character and one only. Other days, I'll hop around. I do not ignore threads intentionally; I am extremely forgetful for a multitude of reasons, so if I haven't replied to you in a while, please poke me. I will try to prioritize joining threads my leaders are in, plot heavy threads, and group threads.

Rating & Thread Content
My characters are all rated 3-3-3, even though they may not do any of those things (swearing, sex, violence). I am unbothered by most content but I understand that there is a lot of content that other people aren't okay with. I try to put content warnings on all my posts that I feel need it, but sometimes I forget or don't think about it. If you feel like one of my posts needs a warning please let me know and I will immediately add it.

You & Me
I love threading with everyone, to their comfort level. If something happens in our thread(s) that you are not comfortable with, please tell me. The only way I can correct something is if I know about it. That being said, I make an honest effort to thread with anyone and everyone on Canis. I will almost always have at least one character in most, if not all packs/groups. If you would like a thread with me, reach out! PM, Discord (zevalkyrie), smoke signal, snail mail, any method is good with me.

And that's about it, folks! Let me know if you need help with anything on the site or you just wanna chat! I'm happy to do both <3
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