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About Me

30+ years old. Female. Canadian. DMs are open and encouraged.
I almost always listening to music and have my status on Discord a song lyric I vibe to.

THE YES; ask to thread. I will probably say YES YES YES. I love when people love my characters. I am very awkward describing them at first, and I suck with asking for things as a new player but I will warm up to you. I love chatting on discord too. While I do not like heavy themes, if you are respectful and play them respectfully - there is a difference - I will even RP with 3-3-3 characters. I also enjoy meeting new people and talking over discord. Feel free to add me if we click.

ROMANCE? prefer organic, but I also like a direction. Do not be afraid to ask about a character I have that you like. We miss all the chances we don't take! Shameless and harmless flirting is fine for singles, but my mated/dating/claimed characters will turn you down. I try to be upfront with who is taken - even if it doesn't say they are on their profiles yet! I am loyal and a shameless shipper.

THE BIG NO; role-play (in the same thread) or mention rape and incest so casually. Keep thyself away. Nothing against you, just what triggers me! I will always try to respect your triggers too. Please tell me. I also prefer not to do heavy dark stuff (here for a good time!) unless properly discussed. Violence against characters needs consent - please do not randomly attack them unless plotted out. I prefer to not dive into heavy themes until my second month.

MAP HOPPING I'm probably going to throw my characters at you wherever you are.
SKILL THREADS; are welcome. I enjoy helping people with them.
FADE TO BLACK; I am not good at writing explicit content. Enough said.

MY REPLY SPEED; fast as heck, supersonic
I PRIORITIZE; romance, plots, pack joining threads, skill & group threads
I DO NOT; keep a thread active for more than two weeks. I will archive it if no reply is made.
I WILL; unarchive if you want to continue. but please ask me before doing it.

if you're not sure??? contact me. thank you

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