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Beautiful Violence

Played by wolf.mouth
Erebus Tenebris (Era-Bis | Tena-bris)
Tall (36)
Fur Color
Black, Silver
Sex & Gender
Fiery Orange
3 (30 October, 2018)
Mixed Wolf


something wicked this way comes..
[Image: ZzGayVp.png]

[Image: eWzoMZ0.png]
A raven of pitch, shadow incarnate. Lean as the bird he embodies, with decent musculature built for hunting skill. The fires of the moon's rage burns in his skull, leaving his eyes a glowing and bright fiery orange. A scar shoots up from his center chest and towards his left shoulder, stopping just before reaching the nape of his neck. His movement is elegant as the silver tipped fur along his back makes him look as though constantly bathed in moonlight.

[Image: dpj2hsX.png]

A face that seldom agrees with it's internal thoughts, the raven's eyes often fail to smile along with the rest of his face. Taught to smile even as a lie, to force friendliness or a welcoming air. However, there are rare occasions where his face softens into gentle smiles and warm smirks, genuine kindness reserved for those truly worthy.


"bring me some silence.."

The unholy offspring of pride, lust, and wrath. With his upbringing at his back, Erebus is a man of prejudice and hate. Scorning the color white in wolves, as was the doctrine of his family. He sees them not as people or equals, more akin to the dirt on his paw or an insect than a wolf of similar species. Surprisingly, the raven has turned his eye away from a few white spots here and there- though his mercy is not given or seen very often and are only exceptions to a rule.

There are rare moments where glimmers of genuine kindness flicker onto the man's face. Where his eyes often lie to prove a fake smile, there is sometimes a gentle and warm sincerity. This romantic and humanitarian avatar of the raven is only reserved for a few lovely faces.


I'd rather be hated than ignored...
[Image: hM8nya7.png]

The Tenebris family was one that held true to their value, respected by the people they ruled. There was no wolf who did not bend the knee to the Tenebris. Where once the sun wolves ruled, it was the Tenebris clan that lead The Black Hand to victory on the mountain. Slaying their masters and painting their corridors and castles a holy and crimson color. The moon is their savior, with every action they take- an effort in worship. Her many phases and colors, especially when she glows red, are the main influences of the family.

[Image: HWOhGJj.gif]

After awaking in Canis and battling the white beast Nyra, Erebus was reminded of his sins. In jealousy and envy, the raven betrayed his own eldest brother and slain him during the night of the red moon. In their fighting, however, the dark prince had lost his life as well- leading to him reawakening in Canis.
He believes his revival to be of holy origins, as though the moon wills it herself that he go on and take his place as a ruler. Since, he has been working hard to establish and develop his kingdom, named Shadowcast within the Ripperwood.

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Dame: Gialel Tenebris-Dragoth
Sire: Sabir Tenebris
Grandmother: Spinerel Arachnie
Grandfather: Aragorn Tenebris
- Fiaree Tenebris
- Hamiel Tenebris

Acheri former
Offspring: (n/a)

Pack History

Allegiances, both past and present;

The Black Hand - From Birth to Pre-Canis Death
Loner - 9/4/2022 - 10/12/2022
Haldis 10/12/2022 - current




Fun Facts

Known Languages
— English
Ash, Dried Blood, and Oaky Burnt Embers
— Prefers to be called "Lord"
— Passionate about hunting.
— Enjoys the company of intelligent beings.

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